Monday, February 27, 2006

Cable class!!

Well, the two classes I signed up for at Needlecraft University started this weekend. I was recovering from a bit of a stomach bug on Saturday so I really didn't get a chance to dive in and take a look at the material until yesterday.

As far as the lace shawl class goes, I decided that my original choice of yarn for the project probably wasn't the best choice, so I went ahead and ordered a solid color, and I'm waiting for it to arrive. That gave me a chance to concentrate on the cable swatching.

I started out doing this on regular straight needles, but it just wasn't comfortable for me. I think that this is because I've been using circulars pretty much exclusively on my recent projects, so things just seem to flow better on them for me. Once I dug out my circulars, this swatch went really really fast. I started it right after dinner last night, and I only have about 2 repeats left on this one.

I tried to take pictures from a couple different angles, because this hasn't been blocked yet, so the pattern doesn't pop out just yet. And sorry, no lovely backdrops to jazz up the photo. Just my laptop, which I didn't realize needed a good cleaning until after I took the picture. :/

I'm really pleased with it and I can't wait to block this one, and start the next one. I believe that there will be a total of four swatches to do, all totally different, and they will be great to break the monotony of the shawl that I will also start this week.
This weekend, the fan on my video card for my main system bit the dust.

It stopped running and I didn't realize it until I was logged into the game and my screen pixelated and locked up. And of course, it was in the middle of a battle, and some dumb Hib managed to run me over while I was locked up and forced to turn off the computer to investigate. I hate it when stuff like that happens. While I was tearing the cover off my computer, I looked over to my laptop where I had the bot logged in and saw someone in /as attempting to console me by saying how bravely I died. Yah, right. Some idiot probably did the "Free Realmpoint" dance after killing my poor reaver.

Anyway, yanked the card out of my computer and it was so hot that it melted the glue for the heatsinks and they were sliding around on the card. Couldn't find a replacement fan ANYWHERE. Phil managed to find a decent card for pretty cheap but we can't seem to get it to where I can run my game without problems, even after tweaking it and yelling and cussing at it all weekend. Will probably have to try another card and see what happens, and this does not make me a happy camper. I would have been much happier if I'd just blown up another keyboard, at least replacing those is only like, 20 bucks. Could be worse I guess. /knocks furiously on wood.

Well, that's about all I have to bore you with today. It's almost 11 am and I haven't yet been through the shower, so I need to boogie.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yay for the one month mark!

Well, over the holiday weekend, I hit the official one month mark of not smoking.

I'm quite pleased with my progress, and I really do hope that as more time goes by, that it only becomes easier. The one huge thing I've noticed is that, even with my sinuses being a mess lately, my sense of smell is amazing. I can walk by people in a store, and I can tell right away if they smoke or not smoke. Before I quit, I could have never told you the difference.

Sebastian got four days off for the holiday, which was really nice, but the little booger didn't want to go back today. I'm so paranoid that he's going to end up making up some illness and trying to come home mid-day that I actually told him that I wouldn't have my car today. Yes, I'm awful. But we've already established that I'm no Mother of the Year, right?

He also had a birthday party to go to this weekend, at a big gymnastics place. He really seemed to enjoy himself, and Phil and I were able to sneak off and get sandwiches at Quiznos while he was there, and since I'm on this huge Quiznos kick right now, I enjoyed myself too.

Phil and I sat Sebastian down and watched the original Willy Wonka movie this weekend-the one with Gene Wilder...and he got a real kick out of it. Then the next night, we watched Ghostbusters with him, which he dug, too. It's fun to watch these with him because I loved them as I was growing up, and it's cool to see his reaction.

And you know, I can't think of anything else productive that I managed to get done over the weekend? I mean, I did a couple loads of laundry and got most of the kitchen floor scrubbed...but I really can't think of anything exciting that I accomplished.

I got very little done on my Cozy project this weekend. In fact, the more I think about it, I would say that after ripping back last night, that I probably didn't get anything done on it, haha.
Both of the classes I signed up for start this week, and I am really anxious to get started on them. I know I'll enjoy them and I know that each one will teach me things that I'll be able to carry into most projects I do.

Well, lots to do today, starting with figuring out what's wrong with the hosting company that does the IC site. This is the second time this week they've had issues. Rats. :(

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My sisters birthday...

Happy Birthday Dani, where ever you are.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

omg weeeee!

Yah, I know, it's a little late for a picture of a bear with hearts, but he was cute and I couldn't resist.

It's been such a weird week, that I was really suprised when Sebastian told me that he had a four day weekend coming up this week. Of all weeks for me to have bizarre things go on to make me put off his homework, it had to be this week. Fortunately he didn't have much to do, so we had time to concentrate on his spelling words for his test.

I'm not complaining...a four day weekend will be lovely. The two knitting classes I signed up for start in a week, so I'd like to get as much done as I can on the cozy before hand, since I will likely be concentrating on the class projects instead of my own, so this will give me a bit more time to devote to that.

He has a birthday party to go to on Saturday, and I haven't gotten a gift yet. It's so hard to buy gifts for these parties when you don't know what kind of things the kid is into. I tried asking Sebastian but he has no bright ideas for me.

The sun is out today, and it's beautiful and warm outside. I enjoyed my walk. Sadly, the news said last night that this weekend was going to be brutally cold, so my happiness will likely be short lived. I'm sooo sick of the cold.

Well, I don't have anything exciting to ramble about today so I'm just going to put this post out of it's misery just as soon as Blogger stops telling me that it can't connect. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How romantic.

So. I spent my Valentine's Day evening having a root canal done. That was great fun.

Got out of the shower yesterday and started having fiery shooting pain in my back molar, and ended up calling the dentist.

When I pick up a phone, and actually call and make an appointment with a dentist, you know shit is bad.

I'm the weenie of the world when it comes to the dentist. I hate dentists. I can't really think of anything more in life that scares the shit out of me more than the thought of going to a dentist. It's really just the whole thing. The smell of the office, the sound of the drills, people with their fingers in your mouth, and for me especially, it's the fear of feeling pain.

The last dentist I went to may quite possibly have a scar from me because I reached up and scratched him in the face when I tried to communicate that I could feel what he was doing and he told me "Just one more minute." If kicking your feet and flailing your arms wildly in the air doesn't get the point across, a couple fingernails across their nose will. Anyway, I never felt the same about going to the dentist after that. I don't know what he was thinking. I mean, he had to prescribe me valium just to get me into the chair as it was, so doing that just kinda sealed the deal in regards to dental hate from me. :)

I lucked out last night though, I ended up with a really cool dentist. And I'll be honest, I called them because their website says they specialize with adults who are chicken shits. He was genuinely a nice guy, and he split the procedure up into two trips for me which really helped I think. I might even go back as I can afford to have all the work done that I really need to have done, and I might even consider trimming my fingernails before I go. :)

And the root canal wasn't bad. The horror stories had me pretty worked up, but I was expecting a lot worse. Of course, I still have to go back and have more work done but I'm pretty sure that the worst part is over. I think. I hope.

So anyway, I haven't posted many knitting pictures lately, so I thought I'd put a couple up today. The top picture is of a couple socks I have going, and also the yarn for the next ones I'll be working on. I like having socks on the needles while I have other projects going. It helps me to take a break from a big project and work on something else for a while, and there's nothing better for that than a good ole sock.
Here is my attempt at a close up shot of the Cozy I'm working on. I wanted something real close up so the pattern was clear, but I'm not sure it worked out too well. I haven't had very much time to knit this past week, but when I do, I'm working on this. On my screen the yarn isn't as dark as it really's a slate grey which is quite pretty, but I think this pattern would look better with a different color. It's a pretty straight forward pattern that's really easy to mess up if I'm not paying attention or if I get distracted, but the end result is nice and the feeling of accomplishment is even better.

I really wanted to get into lace projects this year, and this is a good start, I think. I also signed up for a lace shawl class online, which will really help me when it comes to the diamond shawl that I am a bit nervous about starting.

Well, I have more dishes and laundry calling my name today, so off I go.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, today is Valentine's Day. I figured Sebastian would be psyched today over that, knowing that Valentines and a disgusting amount of junk food is likely waiting for him at school today, but no. Why? Because today is the 100th day of school, also known as the much celebrated 100th day. Apparently, this is much more important to him. I might have to punish him by eating all of his chocolate.

How that can possibly trump chocolate and Valentines is beyond me. Weird kid.

We are also in the process of digging ourselves out of a weekend of snow. Fortunately, it's been melting pretty fast since yesterday which is a really good thing since I went to shovel the walk, took one look and said screw that and came back inside.

We really haven't had that much snow this year, but even Sebastian seems to be tired of the whole white crap falling out of the sky thing and keeps asking when summer is coming. Can't say I blame him, I hate the stuff. We knew the storm was coming so we just stocked ourselves up so we didn't have to go out all weekend for anything. Definitely wasn't a weekend to be out and about.

Sebastian had a 90 minute delay yesterday which was great for him but it really screwed up my whole routine. I felt like I was ten steps behind all day yesterday.

I spent more time this weekend watching the Olympics than I expected to. Gave me some good knitting time for one, and it was kind of like watching some epic drama unfold. Not sure what it is with the Olympics, but every four years you can pretty much count on one thing...some figure skater is gonna cry over something.

Managed to get a bit done on the Cozy. I think the pattern is really pretty, but I still don't like the color of yarn, and I don't think it will change by the time I'm done. Don't get me wrong, the color itself is terrific, but not what I had in mind for this pattern at all. It's definitely something I would have liked to have done with a brighter color, like a red or a pastel, and maybe someday, if I ever think about it, I will do another one, but at the rate I'm going it will be Christmas before this one is done so I'm not going to hold my breath on a second.

Tomorrow I'll try to remember to have my cat George model what's done so far, and get a picture of it...since I finally remembered to charge the battery on my camera over the weekend.

Still not smoking. Yah, I don't really believe it myself. It's been over three weeks now, and I still have urges to smoke from time to time. More than I expected, but I don't have a problem getting through it. I'm doubting that it really ever goes away. Every day that goes by though, means another $6 saved that could potentially be spent on yarn instead, and that's just further encouragement!

Lots to do today, so I'm outta here.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My son, the school ditcher

The screenshot to the left is of a video game that's been a thorn in my side for the last couple days.

This game is Katamari. Also known as the game that our son has been obsessed with for a while now. It's really hard to describe, so I stole a screenshot to post...but basically you run around rolling everything up into a ball. Cars, buildings, people etc., and then it gets turned into a star.

Yah, yah. I know what you're thinking, but apparently it's pretty popular, and it's all my son talks about...and I have to say that for a while it was a welcome change of pace from all the tornado talk he's been doing as of late.

We told him that if he did good on his report card, that we would get it for him. He did great on his report card, so I ordered it. It would have been ideal if it had arrived on the weekend he was sick, but unfortunately it arrived Monday afternoon, and when he got home, he pretty much let him play right up until bedtime except for reading, homework and dinner, so he got a pretty good deal for a Monday. :)

Tuesday, I send Sebastian to school. I'm getting out of the shower around their lunch time, when I got a phone call from the school nurse informing me that Sebastian's stomach "feels funny." He had even told her that he'd been to the doctor last Friday, and she thought I should go get him and bring him home so he can rest. No fever, nothing.

I knew what the little booger was up to right away. I walked into the nurses office and asked him what was wrong. " My stomach feels funny! " he said, doubling over and clutching his stomach. I was like "hrm, okay, well let's get you home and to bed, then." He perked right up and said "I'll feel much better when I can play my game."


The school nurse was already suckered by his seven year old charm. She was "aww"ing over him as she got his jacket and his backpack ready and I just stood there with my fists clench and fire prolly shooting out my ears, unable to believe what I was watching my son do, and it was all I could do to get out of that school and out to my car without making a total ass of myself in front of everyone, hah.

Imagine his suprise when he got out to the car and was informed (as I was calling his father to bitch at him while disguising it as ratting my son out) that there would be no video games when he got home, because Mommy is still smarter than he is and although his plan was well executed, he SUCKED at carrying it out, and therefore he was busted. He may have suckered that nurse but he sure didn't sucker me, and he was going to pay.

He was pretty miserable. But I guarantee you, he won't ever do that again.

And, as usual, I blame Phil for this behavior. :)

In knitting news, I think I may have finally got my Jaywalker sock back on track size wise. The way the original pattern is done, it was just too tight for my liking, so fortunately I was able to find some variations to the pattern that let me go up a bit more in size without having to go up a size in needles. It's really a great pattern because it turns out beautifully and it's also easy to memorize which makes this a really nice project for me to fall back on when I need a break, and I think the yarn I'm using is's Trekking xxl #106 in pastels. I also have a couple other colors of the Trekking put aside for more socks later on.

I'm still making slow progress on my Cozy. I have probably six or seven repeats done on it at this point, and I'm still not sure that I like the color. I'm using a slate grey and it seems that the stitches really blurr together instead of show off the pattern. I really hope that changes once it's done and blocked, but if I ever make this again I think I will use a much brighter color. I really need to take some pictures of it...every time I think to, I remember that I haven't charged the battery on my camera. :(

I've frogged Sebastian's pullover. This might sound really weird but since I quit smoking, I've been knitting tighter than the end result was part of a pullover done in two different gauges. Kind of looked like two totally different projects, really, lol.

I was really afraid that the inconsistancies would cause a lot of problems fit-wise, so I figured it would be best to start over.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Laundry, knitting, sleeping in and working on Sebastian's reading.

:) See ya later.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I just ran across this site and laughed so hard that I snorted coffee all over my keyboard.

Sebastian has been really into drawing on the computer lately so I thought I'd share one of his more recent masterpieces that he did of a tornado.

He's still taking his antibiotics but he's doing great, and went back to school today. I'm feeling a LOT better, but now it seems that Phil has a bit of a cold. When will it ever end, lol.

We had a fairly quiet weekend. I had plenty of time to knit, and lots of ambition to, but it seemed that no matter what I would do, I'd get distracted and end up ripping back whatever I had accomplished which was kind of weird, but also really irritating. Going to put some time aside later on today before Seb comes home and breaks the silence, and get some knitting done.

I registered for my first knitting class from the NU site. Pretty excited about that, but it doesn't start for just a bit. I've decided to just stick to one class at a time, and I want to make sure that I start the class on the first day so I don't put myself in so late that I am pressured to go fast or accomplish anything before the class ends. It seems that they have the start dates on most of the classes staggered a bit so most folks can have one class going at any time, which is a really good thing since I see a lot of classes I hope to take. I think it will be terrific. I can get up, send Seb off to school, grab my coffee, and get into the class without distraction. I hope. :)

I really did slack a lot this weekend after I had planned on getting so much done. I was really pretty much a lazy bum. I think I only got maybe 2 loads of laundry done this weekend, and that's about it unless you count my making dinner last night. Oh...and I watered the plants and went grocery shopping. Heheh. Aside from that, I played DAoC, watched some movies, and watched the Superbowl, which really pissed me off because I think the Seahawks had some pretty craptastic calls made against them.

Took Sebastian to Staples this weekend to get the report folders with the binder that slides up the side. He's been into drawing pictures and wanting to organize them into books with stables and paperclips and such, so I thought that this was a much better way because it looks so much more like a book. He was pretty excited about it. I was going to take a picture of the book to post but it seems that the little booger took it to school. He does a pretty good job. I hope to eventually get him past making picture books, and hopefully we can have him writing epic novels by the time he starts second grade. ;)

Anyway, I picked up one of these folders for myself, I'm going to write some stories for Sebastian and put them in a folder for him to read. I'm hoping that maybe if the stories involve him and things he's interested in, then perhaps he'll be more interested in sitting down to read them. It's worth a shot, anyway.

Well, I'm off. If I don't get anything done then I'll feel too guilty to sit down and knit later on. :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

So what the Hell do I know?

Well, we took Sebastian to the doctor last night, and he does have Strep throat AND an ear infection. No fever, no yucky white spots on his throat, no complaints about his ear bugging him-- all he complained about was that he had a sore throat. Otherwise, he was bouncing around like nothing was wrong which was definitely NOT the way I acted when I was a kid with that crap.

I guess I've lost my Mother of the Year award for making him wait a whole day before taking him to the doctor, but in all fairness, even the doctor seemed a bit suprised.

Three prescriptions later, we were raiding the grocery store for ice cream, much to his glee.

My bookshelf has become a mini pharmacy between the three of us. If you ever get a cold, bronchitis, walking pneumonia, strep throat, a headache requiring industrial sized motrin (read: horse pills) or decide you want to quit smoking, come on by, we'll hook you up!!

So, he got to stay home today and watch cartoons and eat ice cream. What a horrible rough life.

I'm feeling a lot better...still a bit stuffed up but I'm quite happy that this current crud hasn't hit my chest. /knocks furiously on wood. I'm taking my vitamins and drinking my juice like a good girl, and I'm still scouring Ebay for a plastic bubble to live in.

I'm still not smoking, and it seems to get easier as each day passes. I can now have a whole cup of coffee without breaking into a sweat and biting all my fingernails off thinking I need a smoke, and I've been able to sit at the computer for quite a while at one time without twitching all too much. Things are looking up!

I got Sebs report card yesterday, and he really did outstanding. The only thing he was low on was reading, which I expected because his teacher called me a week ago and mentioned that although he was progressing that she felt maybe a low grade might catch the eye of the principal and the reading recovery teams eye, and get him into the reading recovery program, which is a half hour every day instead of a half hour every Friday like he's in, now. Anything that can expand on what is being done in the classroom and what I'm doing at home can only do good things, and if it doesn't then I'll be looking for a tutor after the next marking period.

So my macaw, he learned a new word. All day today, I've been subjected to hearing him scream "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" over and over again. He does it in his normal voice, and then he does it in this ridiculously high cartoonish voice that makes me want to cry.

Have a good weekend, guys.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Pass this e-mail on to 16 people, or your house will burn down and take your cat with it!!

This morning, when I got up, I found 6 "pass me on before doom falls on your head" e-mails waiting for me.

I have to wonder...are there really people who feel that they have to pass these on to others in order to have happy things happen to them? Do they spend hours every day, hitting the forward button and sending these e-mails off to the unsuspecting suckers in their address book?

Am I the only person who gets annoyed when a bunch of these get sent to me?

Ah well.

Sebastian got up this morning feeling better. By noon, I was standing in the nurses office at school, waiting to pick him up to haul him home. So anyway, he's going to the doctor today, because I'm just not going to take the chance that it's strep throat. Doesn't look like it to me, but I learned last month that it's just better to take him in rather than play games.

I feel a bit better today. Fortunately this cold doesn't appear to want to kick my ass like the other bugs I've caught recently.

I'm having a hard time deciding which knitting project to concentrate on. I don't like to have just one thing going at a time. In a perfect world, I'd have one major project going, and a small thing on the side, like a sock or a scarf or something, just to have a little variety.

Right now though, I have like, 2 socks going and potentially 3 more involved projects staring at me from their needles. I just want to knit everything at once, but I don't have enough hands!!

Then today, I realized that I didn't have any circular needles sized smaller than a 5. What a bummer. I guess in a way, it's a good thing, because that takes one thing off my list of things to do for now. It's property tax month, and that means a month long fast from yarn and anything knitting related.

Anyway, I'm off. Have to make myself look somewhat human to get Seb to the doctor.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Laughing out loud, and other stuff.

Well, according to the Camelot Herald, a website for the game I play, 450 dumbshits managed to get themselves banned for cheating. Thats a lot of really stupid people.

I've played Dark Age of Camelot since beta. And from time to time, there have been things that have gone on or that have been put into the game that ticked me off, but nothing more than the frustration of playing with or against people who cheat.

When they find cheaters, they ban them. This means that the players account, with their loved toons that the player has dumped so much time into, is gone. This is the silly thing about cheating. For four + years, they have been told over and over that what they are doing is wrong, and they have also seen people banned left and right...but their need to cheat is so bad, that they're willing to risk their accounts.

It has to be difficult for a company to basically tell 450 customers to piss off. That's a lot of money, and some might even go as far as to say that it's a gamble to ban so many people just for the sake of fair play. The thing people don't really seem to realize is that a large amount of banned players either buy accounts from someone else, or they re-level toons. They come back. And a lot of them will cheat again, and they'll get banned again. Rinse, repeat.

Anyway, I read about the bannings yesterday and I was happy to see Mythic take such an aggressive action against the radar users, and I hope that they do this more often on a consistant basis, so the fact that they won't tolerate radar is constantly being conveyed to the players.

I have another cold. I guess you're like, falling over in shock over that. I kind of expected this though, because the other day the nurse told me that I was running a low grade temperature and to watch for another bug, so I was stocked up on herbal crap and Zicam and vitamins ahead of time.

Yesterday, I got a notice from Sebastian's school letting me know that yet another kid from his class has come down with Strep throat, so this morning, when Sebastian got out of bed with a sore throat I decided it was a good idea to keep him home, just to keep an eye on him in case he needed to hit the doctor. And it's even report card day!

Had to go to the mall last night to have my new glasses fixed. Not sure why, but I had a screw pop right out of the frame, and my lense just popped out and disappeared into the void. I had never touched the screw, but the screw was stripped so bad that it wouldn't hold the frame closed.

I looked everywhere for the lense. The bad thing though, was that the lense that I lost was the lense I really need in order to see anything beyond like a foot in front of my face. It's really horrible to be blind as a bat, trying to find a small clear plastic lense.

I found the stupid thing, but not until the next day, and only because I stepped on it. And when I stepped on it, I scratched the shit out of it. So I ended up going in and telling them that I lost the lense anyway.

The guy at the eye place looked carefully at my frames. "It looks like the screw was PULLED out." Yah right, buddy. I came in here, bought glasses from you three weeks ago because I can't see, and then I got the darned things home, and decided to pull out the screws, just for fun. Sure.

Fortunately they replaced the lense for me without giving me any grief, but I was kind of irritated by the whole thing.

Nothing really new to report today. I'm feeling a bit under the weather anyway so I'm gonna go hang out and watch Martha. :)