Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm alive, and other stuff.

Well, according to my family, we had a terrific three-day weekend. I don't remember all too much of it since I was in bed for the majority of it. I guess if you're going to get sick and end up in bed, it's much better to have it happen on a weekend versus a weekday.

What was "just a little cold" to Phil, showed up and kicked my butt. I think my biggest problem is that I've just been so sick this year, over and over again, that my body just hasn't had time to recuperate from one thing before the next thing shows up, so maybe things are just kicking my ass much harder than they normally would.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better now, and I still have another day to go on the antibiotics. So enough of that.

I thought I'd put a couple pictures up from my visit at Sebastian's school on Friday, where Phil's mom came with me and read the class a story.

The book is one of his favorites, it's called "Liberty's Journey" and it's about the day that the Statue of Liberty gets sick and tired of standing in the harbor, and comes off her pedestal to travel the world. It's a really nice story and it has great illustrations. Sebastian is a big fan of the Statue of Liberty, so it's one he just loves, and the kids really got a kick out of it.

Since he was the "Student of the Week", there was a bulletin board put aside for him where he could put all the photographs that he worked hard picking out, so I tried to get a picture of as much of the board as I could.

I like that the teacher features a new kid every week, because it gives the kids a chance to know and learn about each other, and it was something Sebastian was really excited about. I think that it also made him feel even more comfortable with the other kids.

I am ready to pick my knitting back up, now that I can complete a full sentence without spitting out three words and forgetting what I was going to say, so my only big problem is deciding what to pick up first. I promised Sebastian his pullover, but I tell ya, this shawl is yelling at me to pick it first. I think though, that the shawl will be a time consuming project, and if I don't do Seb's pullover first, he very well may be too big for it by the time I get around to doing it.

First though, I have to get my house recovered from a long weekend of neglecting it.

Maybe I'll knit just a little bit, first. ;)

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Elle said...

I always say I'm just going to blog a bit before I do the chores I don't want to do.
Delighted you are feeling better.