Thursday, January 19, 2006

I just can't think of something witty or halfway intelligent to put up as a title today.

Voila, a knitting related picture!!

On the right, is the new sock--the replacement for the vomit sock that I frogged last week in disgust. The yarn is called "Dancing" from Knitpicks. The colors in this yarn are MUCH better than that last sock I did, and I have to say, I kinda dig the yarn itself. I only got two balls of it just to make a pair of socks but I will definitely be picking more of this up after I let myself off my yarn diet.

I figure that if you're going to spend a lot of time handling something and looking at it, you'd better like it. This time around, I do. Anyway, I'm about to turn the heel on the sock.

To the left is the yarn that I'm using for Sebastian's pullover. I just cast on for this and I'm only a few rows into it, but I think that they are colors that will look nice on him, should he be brave enough to wear this. :) The yarn is Lorna's Laces shephard worsted, and the color is Nightwatch. I just took another look at the picture, guess I missed the cat hair when I took the pic. So it's 99% Lorna's laces, and apparently 1% George. /sighs

While I was sick, I somehow managed to lose track of my favorite measuring tape. It's a sheep, you pull his tail and the measuring tape comes out, squeeze his stomach and the tape rolls back in. Anyway, it's missing. No clue where it went, and I'm lost without it. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm missing a bunch of row counters as well. Usually I know where everything is, but this week has been a cycle of going to look for something, not being able to find it, but finding something you were looking for two days ago that you don't need anymore. It really pisses me off.

I'm pretty sure that these items have slipped into what I call "The Void." The Void is where all my missing socks are living.

I went through all my yarn and crap last week and organized it. Not sure this was the right thing to do. Everything looks so neat, but now I can't find a damned thing. I really should have known better. I don't function well with neat and organized, and I never have.

The weather here has been nuts the last few days. Crazy winds have downed power lines and literally uprooted trees this past weekend. The corner where Sebastian's bus stop was shut down for all of Monday because someone's tree fell, took out power lines, and ended up smooshing the back end of the neighbor's truck across the street. They kind of did a half-assed job of patching everything together too, since there are still lines of some sort coiled up on the side of the road that are connected to something, and then another line on the ground crossing the street. For a bus stop, it's like the worst place in the world. There's still another tree there, that's basically hollowed out at the base and being held up mostly by power lines, and it needs to be taken out before it falls on someone who's down there for the bus, but so far, no one has listened.

It's supposed to be around 54 degrees today, which is a long haul from the negative numbers we were at two nights ago. And I wonder why everyone has been so sick, heh. I can't wait until spring!!

I'm off!


lkmanitou said...

Yarn diet? What is this foreign phrase?? I got a whole box of yarn from Knitpicks on the fifth, and I'm all ready oogling new skeins. I'm still trying to build a stash of my own :)

Good luck finding your sheepy measuring tape, those are so cute!

Elle said...

Favorite pens also go to the void, never to return.