Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I don't like Wednesdays, either.

Craptastic. I have another cold. This one, I got from Phil. Damn him for breathing near me!

I think this is what, the 7th cold I've had since September. 8 if you count bronchitis.

It's not really too bad so far-I just wish I could sleep. Am I the only person in the world that finds that they can't sleep when they're sick until right about an hour before the alarm goes off?


As long as I'm feeling better by Friday afternoon, I can deal with it. Since Sebastian is student of the week at school this week, Phil's mom and I are going to go in and read the class a story on Friday.

I spent a lot of this weekend going through The Drawer. The Drawer is where I keep momentos and letters and crap from my childhood, and over the years it has turned into a drawer for Sebastian as well. So we went through it, looking for baby pictures that he could share with the class.

I don't know why it is, but I don't go through this drawer a lot. I guess that it's because in addition to my childhood stuff, there's a lot of things I've saved from people that aren't around anymore. Sometimes, it just bothers me to go through some of the things I have stashed away, but on the other hand, they're all things I could never part with.

I have an entire folder of jokes that my Grandfather used to fax to my office from his real estate office. It's monstrous-he used to fax me at least once a day, and I have every single one of them.

Letters from my Grandmother. I never realized how many letters she wrote me when I first moved here to NJ, but I have a whole stack of them, including ones she wrote after Sebastian was born. I regret every day that she never got a chance to meet him.

I have letters and pictures drawn by my friend Monty, who passed away when we were still in high school. I have obituaries, newspapers, photographs and even old pocket calendars that I documented everything in as a kid.

It's kind of weird how you can fit memories from every stage of your life, into one little drawer.

It didn't take me long to recover from the tragedy known as the vomit sock. This was the sock with the god awful yarn that I ended up ripping out and stashing away. I have since started a new sock, made out of "Dancing" by KnitPicks, and I'm happy to say that these colors are really quite pretty.

I have the yarn for Sebastian's pullover, which will be my next new project, and the pattern also came in the mail. I have a habit of reading through every pattern I get before I do it, just in case there are things I don't understand, and when I went through this pattern, a lot of it just didn't make sense to me.

I'm still pretty new to knitting, so I knew that there was a strong possibility that nothing was wrong with the pattern, and that it was just me being stupid. I sat on it for a night, got up the next morning and it still didn't make sense, so I shot the writer of the pattern an e-mail, and it turns out that I happened to get some weird copy that was wrong. She was nice enough to send me another pattern, but she's in California, so it will take a couple days to get here. As much as I want to get started on it, I've decided to wait until it arrives, because with my luck, there will be other mistakes. That's the first big project I have planned for the year, and I'm anxious to get started on it.

I also have other projects lined up to do- the Diamond Shawl Fantasy scarf, which looks like it will be really pretty if it looks anything like the picture when I'm done, the Clapotis shawl, the Cozy from Knitty. I also want to do another Booga Bag, but I want to make one that's a bit bigger than the original pattern. I also broke down and got that swing jacket kit from Ebay, and it should be here via Royal mail any day. And of course, socks. Lots and lots of socks!!!

Lots of things to keep me busy, and I'm really excited because every single one of these patterns will be a challenge in some way to me, whether it's lace stitching or altering patterns, or just knitting my first object with arms. :)

Today though, is not the day to start any of it. My head is just too stuffed up to think, and I know that if I pick anything up to knit, I'll end up ripping it out, so I'm just going to save myself the grief and concentrate on laundry, finding out what Sebastian clogged the toilet with, and contemplating life while sitting in front of my TV, doing nothing.


lkmanitou said...

I'm planning on knitting Cozy, too. :D I can't wait to get my hands on the Knitpicks Andean Silk and start it!

I'm getting so sucked in by my knitting, I just haven't left much time for DAOC anymore though :(

Nicole said...


I got the Andean Silk in the color called Slate, and I think the color is prettier than I expected it to be.

That, and it's nice and soft too.

lkmanitou said...

One word of advice, don't expect DHs to appreciate how nice Andean Silk feels. When I got my shipment in, I said to Fell "Feel how soft this yarn is!" to which he responded by CRAMMING his finger clear through to the middle of the skein. Yarn doesn't need to be molested like that, think of the poor yarn :(