Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First post of the New Year...

Today is the first day that I've had a chance to really sit down to blog since just after Christmas.

During the weekdays, I have this little routine that I follow, where I can usually put time aside just to sit down, but this past week with Sebastian on vacation, my routine got thrown a bit out of whack. :)

There's no school today due to snow. I got up at 5 am to check the news site and they said a 90 minute delay. Then I got up later and learned that it was cancelled. That's what the school district gets for making them start school yesterday while everyone else had the day off.

Since Phil had yesterday off and Seb had school, Phil and I actually went out to breakfast...by ourselves. I'm trying really hard to think back, but I'm pretty sure that's the first time we've been out to breakfast alone since Sebastian was born.

After breakfast we hit the eye doctor. I'm not sure when the last time I'd been in was, but Sebastian was in a stroller, and those glasses broke or disappeared into the void long ago, so it was time to get in, but our insurance doesn't cover optometry so I was bad and put it off.

Turned out to be pretty much what I had expected, I still need glasses, hehe. They were having a buy one get one free sale so I ended up doing a pair of regular glasses and then a set of prescription sunglasses. I decided against contacts altogether, because it's so much easier for me to put my glasses on rather than go through the whole contact ritual every day.

New Year's eve was great, we aren't much for going out for the new year, so we stayed at home and brought it in with some munchies and champagne with Sebastian. Seb tried his first sip of champagne and declared it "yucky".

I almost have my first knitting project of the year done, but I haven't taken pictures of it. Sebastian wanted me to make him a bear. Easier said than done but so far, so good. I have to finish up one arm and do the ears and then figure out how to embroider a nose, and this bear should be good to go. If it resembles a bear in any slight way when I'm done, I shall declare it a success and then reward myself by knitting some socks.

This past weekend I went from craft store to craft store looking for self striping or self patterning yarn. I really don't understand the stores around here. It's winter, the time when you'd expect most people would be knitting socks and mittens and the like, but I was unable to find anything that was even close to what I wanted, self striping or not.

Michaels, a craft store here, they have a pretty large yarn section, like two full aisles. I figured I'd find something there for sure. And I suppose that I would have, had they not filled one ENTIRE aisle with fun fur or novelty yarn...and a bin full of flip flops in case you want to make Fun Fur flip flops for the 18 degree weather we're having. Hey, I can appreciate the funky yarns just as much as the next person, but a whole freaking aisle devoted to the crap is a bit much, especially when they can't seem to squeeze in just one bin of yarn suitable to knit a sock.

It's like that everywhere.

Well, I have a lot to get done today.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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