Thursday, January 26, 2006

Book of Daniel cancelled because people cry too much.

Was I the only person who watched this show that didn't have to call someone to cry and complain about it? Am I the only person in the whole world who knows how to pick up a remote control and change the channel when something's on that I don't want to watch?

Before this show ever aired, they hyped it up quite a bit with a lot of commercials for it. I looked forward to the premier, and made sure my ass was firmly planted in front of the TV when it aired.

And I dug it. I really really did.

And for the next two weeks, I looked forward to it being on.

Apparently, other people found it offensive. Apparently, they're too freaking stupid to figure out how to change the channel. Apparently, they have huge sticks up their asses but they somehow managed to convince NBC that the sky was going to fall if it aired again. People raised such a stink about it that network affiliates were pulling the show off their local air, and sponsors were pulling their commercials.

The idea of a disfunctional priest in a disfunctional household is much more real and believable to me than a Mr. Perfect priest with a family that is perfect with some Norman Rockwell life. I don't care who you are or what you do, because no matter what, life is going to happen, and no family is perfect.

I guess in this case, it's easier for some folks to stick their heads in the sand and believe that every show with a minister in it should be portrayed in some wholesome light, but I wish that they would have just changed the channel like I spend a lot of time doing every Sunday morning, instead of crying and sniffling and getting the show cancelled.


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