Wednesday, December 20, 2006

...And we're back....

Thank you to those who have sent me e-mails making sure that I'm still alive. I've been a bad blogger the last couple weeks, but I assure you, not blogging does not mean I am not breathing.

We've had a really busy couple weeks...Phil's parents were in to visit from New Jersey. It was their first time in Seattle so we had a lot of ground to cover! I have lots of pictures, too, so what I'm going to do is try to do it all in chronological order, from the beginning of the trip on, and hopefully, with any luck, we'll get all caught up.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, know that it's a tradition for Grandma to come to Sebastian's class to read his favorite book, Liberty's Journey . Unfortunately for Grandma, this now involves an extra long trip to get to Sebastian's school, but never fear, she was up for the task!! hehe.

The picture above is of the class settled in, reading the story.

Here's a great picture of Sebastian

It was really nice for them to be able to see where Sebastian is going to school. It's one thing to hear about it, but to be able to walk in and see his classroom and meet the teacher makes things a lot different. It makes me feel good knowing that they like his classroom and thought highly of his teacher. I think his teacher is just a really neat lady, but it makes me feel better to have them say the same thing, because they have so much background in teaching.

Here's a picture of Sebastian and his teacher. He really likes her a lot, and she is really just down to earth and genuine. She really "gets" the kids, and Sebastian has blossomed a lot since being in her class. My shy, quiet kid actually gets in trouble now for talking too much in class. In fact, the day we came in, he had to stay inside from recess for a couple minutes because he'd been too busy talking to hear the instructions. Most parents might be upset about this, but I was kind of happy about it because it is a sign that he's adjusting well, and that he's making friends...and that's just fine with me!
Since his birthday was on that Sunday, I figured that I'd bring cupcakes in for the class to celebrate. This picture was taken mere seconds after Sebastian managed to cram half a cupcake into his mouth. Hey, it could have been worse...he could have smiled for this picture!! lol.

It was a good day...heck, it was a great week! In the next day or so, I'll be cramming a lot of pictures from their visit here. It's been really quiet since they left. It was so cool to get up every morning and know that we were going to see them, and then once they left we were all a little depressed.

Well, I'm off. I'll try to post more later, since there are tons of pictures and things we did.

Have a good afternoon, guys. :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's December....

Man. I just can't get with it today. I don't know why, but I've been having the worst time with sleep. I can't remember the last time I had such a horrible time sleeping, but this week, I've just not been able to catch a break from my tossing and turning. Talk about annoying!

We have a lot going on this week!!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, and she's actually going to be here day after tomorrow. We're all so excited to see them and spend time with them. Sebastian has been counting the days, and to make the week even better, his birthday is on Sunday.

Then, Phil has his birthday tomorrow!!

It's going to be a short entry today--Sebastian gets out of school in just 15 minutes and I promised him that he could go with me today to pick out his birthday cake. I would rather it have been a suprise, but in the past, Grandma has always done the cake, so I think that he's afraid that I don't have Grandma's cake picking skills. :)

Then sometime this week, I want to hit the dollar store and get streamers and decorations for Sunday-we'll have grandparents and friends over so it should be a good time, I just want to make it festive.

Andrea came by today, we went to Starbucks and came back and watched our soap together. It had been ages since she was last here, so it was her first time meeting Clyde. Poor boy barked, growled and ran away from her, and then right before she left he decided she probably wasn't so bad after all and let her pet him.

I know that I need to be patient with him and give him time and experience, but it's so upsetting to me and even frustrating to see him so afraid of people. Really though, he's still warming up to us, so I don't know what I'm expecting...he was clearly abused in his past and that weighs heavily on how he responds to everything around him.

He adores me, he even let me dress him up in a Santa hat and a sign today to take pictures, and he was a perfect gentleman about it. When I let him out in the morning after dropping Seb off, he's so excited and happy to see me and be with me, and he never leaves my side all day. I hope that, with time, he'll be like this with everyone else in the family, and maybe with some positive experiences that don't involve anger or punishment, he'll realize that he's okay. He's such a good boy, the only time he's ever gotten in trouble was when he swiped banana bread off the counter, and even then I was careful with how I dealt with it.

Sebastian has been doing really well with him. He very rarely runs from Sebastian now, and doesn't mind Sebastian sitting with fact, it's pretty obvious that he likes the attention he gets from Seb, but it's like, he's afraid to enjoy it--like he's going to get in trouble for hanging out with Sebastian.
My first clue that he likes Sebastian though was when he would go through Sebastian's room to steal things that smelled like Sebastian. This morning, I pulled a couple of Sebastian's socks out of Clyde's crate, and he hadn't taken them in there to rip or destroy---he was sleeping with them.

So this is a short day...I'm off to get Sebastian and hit the store. Hope you all are having a great week!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gaming news!! Mauler unlocked, woowoo!!

Just what you always wanted, right? Camelot news!! I know, I know. You don't care about my game, but I'm gonna post about it anyway. It's been a while since I've posted anything about fact, with moving and everything else that's been going on, I actually took a pretty extended break from the least a full six months, not counting the time I spent beta testing the most recent expansion, and I still logged in to pay rent on the guild house, do alliance invites and maintain the guild, but for the most part, I just needed a break. I'd been playing this game every single day since the original beta which was in 2001 and I'd accumulated an embarrassing total of /played time between all my characters, so I was due some time away.

In the last week or so I've started getting back into the groove of things game wise. Got my reaver Lorrixah up to Realmrank 10L3, and today, all three realms managed to unlock the new class that was included in the expansion, so I started my new Mauler...and I used the new race, and made it a Minotaur Mauler. I mean, how could I possibly resist having a toon that's a cow? And because it was a cow, I wanted it's name to be something...well, cow related. Someone already took the name Groundbeef, which I kind of expected, and the name I used on the test server during the beta was already taken, which really suprised me. I ended up naming it Doublebacon Cheeseburger. I give it a week before Mythic nerfs my name and forces me to change it, which might not be a bad thing, because this is what I get for creating characters on an empty stomach.

I took a lovely picture of him in Castle Sauvage, armed and ready to go in his noobie gear!! I couldn't make a girl minotaur, but it doesn't really bother me, my inf is a male toon, too.

The first online game I ever played was Everquest, and I remember rolling a paladin when I was pregnant with Sebastian. I was just messing around at the time but it turned out that I liked the character a lot, which really sucked because I'd started the toon when I was hungry, and I named her Ravioli Parmesan and had gotten her too many levels that I refused to start her over...and I was stuck with that name for the entire time I played EQ.

So anyway, the class seems fun so far. I really do prefer the melee type toons versus the casters. The only caster I like playing is my theurgist, but I still haven't found anything that comes close to the fun I have when I play my reaver, especially in RvR.

So I'm sure you guys have seen footage on your news of our new parking lots here in the state of Washington. They used to be freeways, but since there's so much ice, people have opted to just park their cars there and walk home. You know it has to be pretty bad when someone is on their way home from work, decides "F%$& this!!", slides their car over to the side of the freeway, and gets out and WALKS home. I was in the kitchen when I heard it on the news, and at first I thought it was a joke, I had to come out to the living room to look at the TV and see it with my own eyes. Cars, everywhere. People walking along the freeways, saying that they were ten miles away from home and that was okay with them because they figured they'd get home faster walking. LOL ?

Hotels/Motels actually put cots up, and let people sleep in their lobbies for free because all their rooms were full and so many people just couldn't get home.

It's pretty crazy. Tow companies are so dang busy that they're not even answering phones. See, what's happened is that today, the sun came out during the afternoon, and melted a bit of the snow. People were happy. Then the sun set, and that melted snow turned into ice. People decided to drive anyway. People got stuck, walked home, ended up on the news.

Sebastian didn't have school again today, and Phil's work still couldn't run their trucks. We take a hit paycheck wise when this happens, but I'd rather have that happen than have Phil out driving around on the ice. He's a great driver in the snow, but out in NJ, the second they'd hear that snow was coming, they'd salt and sand ahead of time, so this ice crap didn't really get a chance to form up in the extent that we're dealing with it. It's totally different to drive in.

Here, we hear that snow is coming and everyone kinda stands around and stares at eachother in stunned silence, and then they go get a mocha at Starbucks, not really understanding what could happen, and not having a budget for sanders and salt trucks. Normally we don't end up with snow like this, so doing the salting thing might be overboard.

So it sucks, but it really is a good thing that Phil's been home.

Sebastian on the other hand, well the little bugger is starting to get on my nerves a bit. His three day weekend has stretched into a five day weekend and I think that his little brain is starting to turn to moosh, because he told me today that he really hopes that there's school tomorrow.

I do, too. Heheh.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow day!

Well, just as we anticipated, it was a snow day today. Not just for Sebastian, but for Phil, too.

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and Phil got up and went anyway, knowing that there was a large possibility that they weren't going to run, and sure enough by 5:30 he called to let me know that he was on his way home. I felt kind of bad for him knowing that he was fueled up on a big coffee he'd picked up somewhere, and the only place he had to go was home.

It wasn't so bad though. He got home and we laid in bed and watched the news, laughing at all the silly snow tricks people were attempting out there. No salt on the roads before the snowfall equals a lot of smooshed down snow over black ice, and no one here is used to that. My favorite was the guy who couldn't stop in his own drive-way and smashed in to his garage door. That's the kind of stuff that would happen to me.

There were some serious things too, though. A double jack-knife on the freeway in Centralia, a 14 car pile up, snow weighing trees down until they broke or fell over (remember, the ground is still soft from the rains and floods, so it doesn't take much to make a tree fall over) into roads and cars.

I know Phil was irritated about not working but I'm really relieved that he wasn't out there in a truck in the ice and on roads filled with people who don't know what they're doing. He went back out and just up the road when Starbucks opened, and got me a mocha, and then he stopped by Burger King and grabbed us breakfast. What a guy, huh? :) We let Sebastian sleep in, which was a great idea until he woke up around 10 am and came into our room in a panic because he was late for school. LOL.

He had breakfast and puttered around a bit before we finally bundled him up and set him loose in the back yard, to work on the snowman. This time, he promised that he won't destroy the snowman like he did last year. I think he learned that sometimes losing his temper and doing something stupid in the heat of the moment can lead to disastrous things. Like dead snowmen.

Afterwards, he came in for hot cocoa, because according to him, I'd be breaking the law if I didn't provide hot cocoa services for him when he comes in. I put some jumbo marshmallows in there for him, which he said was pretty cool. At least, that's what I think he said, but it's kind of hard to understand him with 4 jumbo marshmallows crammed into his mouth, hehe.

It's going to be a lazy day today. We have everything we need in the house, so we don't have to go anywhere and we don't have to do anything.

My kind of day. :)

Have a good day, everyone.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I woke up this morning to the phone ringing...Andrea's cheery voice on the other end saying "So are you going to Starbucks to get your coffee in the snow?"

Because I wasn't awake, not much really clicked. "Starbucks?" I mumbled.

Then she said, "Is it snowing there?"

"Snow?" I said. "I didn't know it was snowing."

And that's how the day started. At first, it was rain mixed with snow so I thought I'd cheat my way into a non-snow day. This was successful until late afternoon, when it really started coming down...and sticking.

Doesn't look like there's going to be any school tomorrow. Especially since they don't do much here in the ways of plowing or salting, etc. I'm not too sure that Phil is going to be able to work tomorrow, considering the trucks they use aren't likely the best in the snow.

Snow here is not as common as it was in NJ. There was barely a dusting on the ground and the kids down the road were lined up to try to sled down the hill. There are people who are trying (still) to get up that hill to get to the main roads, and they're not getting anywhere...and we're supposed to have another six inches fall over night.

Fortunately, this is a freak thing. I'm starting to feel like a big fat liar because before we moved here I would tell Phil not to worry because it doesn't rain here as much as everyone says...and what happened? Lots and lots of flooding. I mean lots. To top it off, I assured him that we barely get any snow...and see what happens?

Snow to our dog Cassie is old news. She hates it. I figured that this would be Clyde's first real snow (that he'd remember, anyway) So when it started to fall and I went to take him out, I grabbed the camera to make it a Kodak moment. (Yes, I know. I'm stupid over this dog. Shut up.)

We got outside and he absolutely freaked out. Not in a good way. There I was, standing in our side yard, with my camera in one hand and a leash in the other, attached to a dog that was desperately trying to get away from the falling snow. He's running around in circles, whining, and wrapping me up in the cable of his leash. We ended up inside pretty quick.

The next time I took him out, he was okay with it. I brought Cassie out with us at the same time to help calm him, and he was no longer fearful of the snow. Instead, he started jumping into the air and doing flips and gobbling up snow and rolling around in back and forth as far as his leash would allow, and he was running fast because he was jerking me around a bit with him. I thought this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen, because for the most part, although he's starting to relax a bit, he's a really scaredy uptight dog, so to see him bounding around and jumping and having fun was a riot.

I was able to get a great picture of him as he was trying to convince Cassie to play. She wanted nothing to do with it, she just wanted to go inside.

What a party pooper!

Fortunately, we hit the grocery store last night, so I have a nice big pot of sauce on the stove, which is really going to hit the spot.

Have a good night, everyone.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knitting obsession??? Nah........

I dig this knitting movie!

Crazy hair day and sock porn with a big bone.....

Hrm. I wonder how many perverts are going to end up at my blog because of today's title. Heh.

I really didn't plan on posting again until after Thanksgiving, but today is Crazy Hair Day at Sebastian's school, and the picture turned out so cute that I had an excuse to sneak another post up!!

He was really due to have his haircut this past weekend, but since I'd received the flyer about crazy hair day, I figured we'd wait, just so we have something to work with. I'd intended on finding some colored hair spray or something funky, but I never had a chance to look for any. Instead, we decided to use every styling product we had in the house to spike his hair up. He has really baby fine hair like mine, so this was a challenge, and chances are that it probably went flat before the bus got him to school. He didn't care, though...he was pretty pleased with his hair-he wants to wear it like this EVERY day!! He's so friggin cute!

He's feeling much better, he slept all night last night and I didn't hear him getting up to cough once, and his fever is gone. I think that the cough syrup that the doctor prescribed has codeine in it, so maybe that has a lot to do with him getting a good night's sleep. I felt good about sending him to school today, confident that he wasn't going to sit in class coughing all day, and that he wasn't going to get everyone else sick.

So yesterday, I posted that I'd finished a sock, and today I decided to provide photographic proof! I didn't get a chance to accomplish much on it's mate last night, but hopefully I will get a chance to work on it today. The yarn is Regia Bamboo in color 1066, Jamaica. This makes for a light soft sock, and I'm afraid the colors didn't come across so well in my picture, because it's a lot prettier than the photo leads you to believe.

I got the yarn and the pattern through my Sock of the Month club. I get a new sock kit every month, and I kind of dig it because it gives me a chance to learn new tricks, play with different yarns, although I'll be dog gone if I can't find my way through the figure 8 cast on for toe up socks. It also gives me that exhilarating feeling of having new yarn even when I'm on "yarn diets".

So, it took Clyde a whole two days to gnaw the rawhide bone I got him into itty bitty pieces. Clearly, he needs a challenge.

I call him Destructo-Dog, because when he feels like he's been left, he has the tendency to try to kill things. We kind of figured this out early on, in fact his file history kind of gave us a good indication of that, so because of this, he's crated when we sleep and during the rare occasion that I leave the house. This hasn't changed his desire to chew and destroy, and he's done a pretty good job of bending wires on his crate and I learned early on that he can't have blankets or towels in his crate or he'll rip them apart and chew them which can be really dangerous. Because of this, I'm really trying hard to find things that can be in his crate that are acceptable chewing objects.

Like this thing that I found today at the Pet store. It's HUGE, it's heavy, and I'm guessing that it will take him some time to plow through it. Okay. I'm hoping it takes him a while.

See, my other dog Cassie, well, she firmly believes that she's a cat. She's never been much into chewing things and she's never had a reason to have separation issues, so having a big dog in the house has really been an educational process for me. I'm just not used to the "big dog" situations, because there are just some things that I've had happen in the last couple weeks with Clyde that Cassie is just not capable of.

Here are a couple examples:

1.) Dashing into the kitchen, having Clyde chase after me only to crash into the back of my legs, making me fly up in the air and end up flat on my back on the floor. It hurt so bad that I cried, but I found it so hilariously funny that I was laughing at the same time, and my loving husband, well, once he made sure nothing was broken, he laughed until he cried. Meanwhile, Clyde cowered under the table in the kitchen, terrified that he'd done something wrong. While he's the Weenie of the World, he's also strong and heavy, and when you compare that to Cassie, who's 5 pounds, that's a huge difference, rofl.

2.) Protection. Okay, well Cassie *tries* to pretend she's protective, but really when we approach a stranger, she's growling, barking and backing up to save her own ass. If someone were to be aggressive to me, Cassie would ditch me in a NY minute. Clyde though, not so much. I'd figured that because he's such a wuss that he wouldn't be very protective of us, but that's not the case. He barks when someone comes to the door, positioned himself in front of me and barked when some pamphlet-touting religious person approached me in the street during a walk, and even went as far as to crash himself into my shower door to make it open, because he was convinced that my singing was an indication of my impending death. I guess this means I'm never getting a recording contract, huh? hehe.

3.) He's smart. When he wants a treat, he brings me the box or bag of treats, drops it, and sits there staring at me until I give him something. Yesterday, when he wanted to go out, he brought me one of my shoes. Took me a while to figure out what he wanted, but I was impressed, to say the least.

This past week, I signed both our mutts up for Dogster. Dogster is basically a Myspace for dogs. It's kind of fun, and I'll admit that I've wasted more than a couple hours checking out everyone else's dogs and reading their bio's, but the really sad pathetic thing is that Clyde and Cassie have made almost as many dog friends in a week as I have in six months on Myspace. pfft.

Well, I'm off. Sebastian gets out of school an hour early today, and I have some things I want to get done before he's home.

Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's almost Turkey Day!!

It's been a weird week already. Yesterday, Sebastian woke up with a nasty cough, so I ended up keeping him home. Whenever he gets a cough with a cold, it almost always requires a trip to the doctor, and with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I opted to take him in right away instead of waiting a day or two to see how it played out.

The great thing is that the doctor's office is the next road up from us, so it makes it really convenient, and the even better thing is that they have pediatricians there which makes me really happy. Sebastian liked his doctor, so I think we'll continue to go there.

He still felt a bit cruddy today, was even running a fever, so I went ahead and kept him home this morning, and give him another day for the antibiotics to kick in. Not that he's complaining, heh.

So, if you're not much into video games, the above picture isn't going to make a bit of sense, but Sebastian's favorite games are the Katamari games. The basic idea is that he runs around rolling items up into a big ball, like cars, people, animals, buildings etc, and you're timed, I believe, so you have to make it as huge as you can before you run out of time.

Phil and I were sitting on the couch the other night, when Sebastian rolled down the hallway with his own home-made Katamari. He'd blown up a beach ball, and used every last bit of double sided tape to glue things to the ball. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Sometimes I'm so amazed at his creativity. Since this original Katamari, it's grown quite a bit, and I'm a tad dismayed to report that there's not one bit of scotch tape left in our entire house.

He's so much fun-he just cracks me up sometimes.

Clyde is getting a little bit more comfortable. My heart breaks sometimes when I look at him, though. He's still not too interested in playing with me, and he is still real fearful of most people. I figure an 11 month old dog, who is still a pup, should be getting into things, chewing things up, and getting into trouble, but he spends most of his time following me around from room to room, not letting me out of his sight. The most exciting thing he's done so far is chase the kitties from time to time, and he tried to chew up one of Sebastian's legos, but other than that, you'd think he was a senior dog instead of the pup that he is.

He's just the sweetest thing. I'd like to find whoever is responsible for him being this way, and personally kick them in the face.

I tried to take a picture of him and Cassie together, but as you can see, while Clyde has mastered the art of "sitting", Cassie has not, so unfortunately the camera clicked as Cassie was making a run for it.

It's funny to see them standing next to each other or laying down together just because of the size difference. Clyde really likes Cassie and wants to play with her, but Cassie doesn't care too much for him yet. The cats like to use his nose as a claw sharpener, and they'll only stick around him when there's something good to eat.

Pretty much how I expected it to be, so far.

The weather here has been absolutely craptastic. I know we get a bit of rain this time of year, but we've gotten so much that we're breaking records and such. My lovely back yard has turned into a swamp pit. I remember a month or so ago when I was so excited to see rain because it had been so long since we'd had it that our grass was dying, but now, it's well past the "back to green" point and it's looking like it's someplace more suitable for the Swamp Thing to reside in.

I finished a sock last night, and this morning I cast on for it's mate. Can't wait to finish these socks, so I can move on to the next sock of the month kit got here this month and I can't wait to start it.

I know. I'm a nerd.

Today I'm going to hit the store and get stuff to bake banana bread and a pumpkin pie (from scratch, rofl) so it should be an interesting couple days, hehe.

Happy Turkey day....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A whole bunch of stuff!!

Yesterday was the big field trip to the Children's Imagine Museum just across the trestle in Everett, and wow, what a place that is. It wasn't here when I lived here last...the closest thing we had was the Seattle Science Center which was kind of a disappointment the last time I was there, so this was a good time. The kids love it, too. Sebastian is begging to go back...and he wants to go THIS weekend, but I told him that he's going to have to wait until December when Grandma and Papa Sal are in from New Jersey, because they'll get a kick out of this place for sure.

This cow was one of Sebastian's favorite wasn't a real cow, but they filled it with water so it could be milked. It was kind of weird later on in the day when I had a hard time pulling Sebastian out of the Snow Bowling exhibit, and I said "Why don't you go back to milk the cow?" and he replied "I can't, it's out of water." LOL.

Here's the little cafe, filled with fake food and plates, aprons and menus, and a cash register to ring up customers. All of the kids in my group got into this room-it was hard to get them out of here and I'll bet they could have spent all day there.

The kids were all terrific, and I was kind of nervous about that because I had an evil little kid with me on the last field trip I went to when we lived in New Jersey. She was like, a 6 year old drama queen...and I was a bit afraid that I'd get one of those this year, but they were all really neat kids who didn't mind working together to make sure that everyone got to see everything they wanted to see.

Another part they all enjoyed was the rock climbing wall-and they all did really well with it. It's kind of fun to see Sebastian more confident of himself when it comes to physical activities. In fact, he's really grown a lot since he started at this school, he's more sure of himself and has really changed socially. It's funny when we go out because no matter where we go, he runs into someone he knows.

In other news, we have a new critter staying with us. Phil and I have always agreed that our next pet would be a dog. Well, as Phil says: A REAL DOG. We've talked about it and talked about it and talked about it and we've researched breeds and breeders...the whole shebang.

I always figured that it would be somewhere WAY down the road because I have always told Phil that we'd do it after George was gone and somewhere in my mind I was convinced that he was always going to hang around. To be honest, I was also a bit nervous about getting a larger dog. I used to have a black lab named Maddy and she was the most high strung retarded dog you could ever meet, and obedience training got absolutely nowhere with her, so I was kind of worried that we'd go through that whole thing again.

In the end we decided against getting a fancy breed and opted doing a rescue instead, so now Clyde is staying with us. He's an 11 month old German Shepherd mix who was originally surrendered from someone in Eastern Washington. From what I can tell, it seems that Clyde pretty much lived on a field right up until he was about 8 months...and it's pretty clear that he was either not socialized or badly abused because he has some fear and confidence issues, and he's afraid of kids, but I'm thinking that with time, Sebastian will fix that with him. I'm not sure what it is with Sebastian and animals, but they seem to stick to him like glue. I guess raised in a household with pets like ours has really helped teach him about kindness and nurturing, and I think that animals are smart enough to pick up on that.

He's afraid of his toys---he'll play a little bit but if he notices you watching him, he'll run and cower. He's not too keen on men, but last night I noticed that he was at the door with Cassie to greet Phil when he got home from work, and he also laid down on the floor next to both of us when we watched TV, so we're hoping that he will come around a bit more with that, too...especially since it's fun to see Phil so excited about this dog, but he gets sad when Clyde hides from him.

He does like walks, which is great because Cassie doesn't like to go too far beyond the mailbox. Clyde can go and go, and that's exactly what we do, and you'd be surprised what a work out it ends up being!!

After he was surrendered he was adopted by a couple who kept him for 2.5 months. They had another puppy too, but they worked a lot of hours and were often outside the house 12+ hours a day and they didn't confine the dogs, so they'd come home to find their house and everything in it, gobbled they also surrendered him.

What I've learned is that Clyde is not a bad dog, but he has a pretty nifty case of Separation Anxiety. Basically, when I leave him to go to the bus stop or to the store or even to the mailbox, he freaks out and, if left unconfined, would rip the house apart to try to get out to find me.

How the last people didn't figure this out is beyond me, but what we've started to do is to crate Clyde when we sleep as well as when we leave the house. He hates this, and we're going through a lot of whining and barking at night and when we leave, but we're only about 4 days into the crating, and I'm hoping that with a bit more time he'll not only accept it and shut up, but maybe view the crate as a safe place to hide when he gets scared, because the crate will be a lot more convenient for us than his current hiding place-under the kitchen table.

My goal is to get him socialized and confident. He's the sweetest thing-not an aggressive bone in his body. He's housebroken and knows basic commands and he loves treats and takes them so nicely-and he's doing very well on a leash now which is an improvement from the water skiing I did the first day he was with us and hauled me across the yard, lol.

I don't have to worry about him with Cassie or the cats, either. Cassie is 5 pounds versus his 60 or so pounds, and she's already managed to kick his ass all over the house, and the cats, well they've all sharpened their claws on his nose, so it's pretty clear to him who is boss, and it's pretty much everyone BUT him right now, hehe.

The whole household is really into helping him, so the next month will be a very interesting one indeed, but it makes me feel really good to have him here, and I'm hopeful that we can make him happy.

I'll have to post some more pictures later on this weekend, it's truly funny to see him and Cassie standing next to each other. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring......

What a cruddy day.

Actually, it's day two of cruddiness. (Is that a word, even? heh.) The rain has been coming down non-stop. The rivers are flooding, most with record levels. Some schools are canceled and people are being evacuated from their homes. Fortunately, I'm not in an area that is affected by this, but I do have friends that can't go to their homes right now, and that makes me feel really bad. :(

The rain is starting to slow down and with any luck, the rivers will begin to recede, but it will be ages before some folks will be able to get back into their homes. I've seen pictures of homes with water up past their garage doors. :/

And I know the big thing is that we're in the Seattle area and we're supposed to get rain, and people make jokes about how much it rains here (EVEN THOUGH I'm pretty sure that it rains more in NY than it does here!!!), but let me tell ya, the rain is coming down so hard that it sounds like rocks hitting the skylights in our kitchen. Our big brave macaw is huddled down at the bottom of his cage whispering "What's that?" over and over. Wuss.

Today did not get off to a happy start in this house, either. Our new coffee maker, that we bought two weeks ago, refuses to brew coffee. I woke up this morning, got Sebastian out of bed, started the coffee pot and then headed into our room to get dressed, and came out to find *NO* coffee. I don't know what's wrong with it. I hit the power button and I hear it "click" as it turns on, and the little red light comes on, but it doesn't brew a dang thing. I've unplugged it, talked to it, poked it, yelled at it, said bad words to it, hit it, and it still refuses to make my coffee.

In this house, having no coffee is a horrifying event, and this meant a trip to Starbucks, and typically it would annoy me to have to jump in my car first thing in the morning for a coffee, but since Annie introduced me to their pumpkin scones, I know that I have to get there fast before everyone else buys them. As it was, I got there at 9 am after Sebastian got on the bus, and I got the last one. Mwahahaha.

If you have a Starbucks near you, I highly recommend these scones. However, if you live in the Lake Stevens area, just leave the damned scones alone, or Annie and I will kick your butt.

I've been making good progress on Sebastian's scarf. I've completed 3.5 heads out of 6, and the more I get done, the more I hope that Sebastian doesn't mind too much if I....borrow this scarf from time to time.

I'm really quite intrigued by the whole illusion knitting, and I've already been digging around for new ideas for the next thing to knit. So far I've found a robot scarf pattern which looks pretty cool, and a skull and crossbones pattern which is right up my alley, but I've also found a pattern designed by the same gal who did the alien one called the "Card Trick" scarf, and I'm thinking about doing that one, too.

I've gotten a lot of really nice calls and messages from people about my cat, George. I never really stopped to realize how many people actually knew him, but I guess he really got around in 17+-18 years, hehe. It was kind of a weird weekend because I kept looking for him out of habit. When you have pets and they're getting old, you try to prepare yourself for them leaving but I don't think that there's anything that I could have done to prepare myself for losing my best bud. It sounds crazy (insert crazy cat lady comments here) but to me, he wasn't a cat really. He was a little person in fur, who was outgoing, bumbley and nurturing. And I'm just having a hard time getting used to him being gone. It really sucks.

Anyway, thanks a bunch to the folks who have e-mailed and called and commented, etc. It really means a lot to me.

Have a good day...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sometimes, life just sucks.

The bad thing about pets is that they don't live forever. After having George with me for almost 18 years, the only bad thing he ever did in his lifetime was pass away, and he did that today in my arms, and I'm just crushed.

It's really hard to explain how I feel right now, I mean I could go on and post about everything I'm feeling and make you all raise and eyebrow and look at me like I'm nuts, because sometimes people just don't understand how other people can get attached to their pets, but it kind of feels like someone ripped my heart out of me and jumped up and down on it. Iin the last 17 years, he's been the one constant thing I've had in my life every day and he went through every wonderful and every horrible thing in my life right along with me and still liked me despite it all. He went from one coast to the next and then back again and I don't think he minded one bit. The way he was, it was clear that he loved me back, right up to his last minute when he wrapped his paws around me before he died.

I knew that someday, today would come, but it doesn't make it easier to realize that he's not going to be around anymore.

I will say that if it weren't for my friends, that I don't know what I would have done today.

A short post tonight because I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around everything that happened today.

If love could have kept him alive, he would have lived forever.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A knitting post!! Really!!!

Today is just one of those days where everything just feels a bit off. The first Thursday of every month is a 2 hour late start at school for teacher training, and it really puts a dent into my normal routine, and no matter what I do, it's always later than it really feels. I think the time change has a lot to do with it, too.

So much has been going on lately that I haven't had an opportunity to put any knitting pictures up. To be honest, I've not had much time to really sit down and knit as much as I would like to, but we've had a lot going on around here with Halloween and such, so the last couple nights have actually given me time to sit down and get something done.

First things second Clapotis is completed. I'm not sure what I was thinking, making a second one right after the first one. I think the yarn to this one just wanted to be knitted into one and I couldn't resist. It's going to be a good long while though before I do another one of these, and it's just because I didn't do something in between the two.

Overall I'm very pleased with it. It's completely different than the first one I made, though, and that's because the first one was made with a silk yarn, so it draped differently. The second one has more spring to it, and I've been contemplating blocking it, but then there's another part of me that kind of likes it the way it is, even if the stitch definition isn't quite there.

I really like the colors most of all, though. I call it the Garden Clapotis just because the colors remind me of a flower garden in the summer time.

So, well over a year ago, I started a scarf for Sebastian. He hounded me and begged and pleaded for this scarf after he saw it in the Stitch 'N Bitch book. I went nuts getting the right colors and I started it and got pretty far into it. I'm not sure what happened, apparently I was distracted by some other pattern or a hank of pretty yarn or Christmas gifts that needed to be done, but in the end I put the scarf down and forgot about it.

Last week, Sebastian asked me about his scarf. To be totally honest, I'd completely forgotten about it, so I went to dig for it, and found it. The first thing I noticed though, was how different the quality of my knitting was then compared to now. I was amazed, and I knew that there was no way that I could just continue the scarf, because I'm not sure I could have duplicated the gauge I was knitting with then. I decided to start over again, because this is just one of those projects where it really pays to have everything consistent.

I guess by looking at the first picture that the scarf looks pretty bad, because the black and the green together look violently bright. Definitely not colors I would be caught dead in. Or alive for that matter.

It's the pattern though, that really takes the two colors and puts them to work, and the end result is what is called "illusion knitting." If you're looking at it from a top view, it just looks like hideous green and black striping.

However, if you look at the scarf at an angle, you see Alien heads. Pretty freaking cool, huh? It's amazing what two colors (the green and the black) and some strategic knitting and purling will get you. In my case, the end result will be one happy kid, especially since he's so into the alien thing right now--in fact, he's playing Destroy All Humans 2 on his Playstation, lol.

I still have 4 Alien heads to finish, and then the fringe, and I think that Sebastian intends to spend every waking minute of his little life standing over me and breathing down my neck until it's done.

Something I would like to do with this pattern is copy the chart and blow it up a bit so I can read it a bit easier. Even with my glasses on it's really easy to mix stitches up.

I'm really pleased with how it's turning out so far, though, and I have a funny feeling that once this is done, I'll be making more. :)

I'm out of here. My cat George, who's been with me going on 18 years, isn't doing so well these days and it's getting to where I need to put my personal emotions aside and do what's right for him. I'm having a really hard time with it though, he's been through thick and thin with me and from one coast to the other and back again, and since I was a kid, he's the one constant thing I've had in my life, and it's really hard imagining him not here with me.

So I'm off to go dig out some of his favorite canned cat food to heat up just the way he likes it to see if I can bribe him into eating. He's the kind of cat though, that when he doesn't want to eat something, it's not really a good sign.

I'm heartbroken.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me...err...yah.

So Halloween came and went without a hitch. Well, I take that back. The only bad thing about Halloween this year was putting my incredibly grumpy kid on a bus this morning for school, when he was convinced that the day after Halloween should be a national holiday.

"I don't get it." He said. "We don't have to go to school on the day after Thanksgiving. Pilgrims, ghosts, what's the difference?" Then he told me that I should make some phone calls to do something about this.

Ha, Ha. The evil plot to stay home, eat candy and play video games all day was once again thwarted.

Tuesday happens to be Phil's long day at work. Typically he will leave here at 5 or so in the morning and not get home until 8 at night, and since last night was Halloween, he actually went in to work 2 hours early for a 3 am start, just so he could be home to go Trick or Treating with us. He was pretty wiped out by the time he got home, so he announced that he was dressed up as a "Tired Motherf*cker" and made himself the official photographer. It's a shame really, because he had the most realistic costume. :)

Even I dressed up last night. I mean, I was a witch, so technically I didn't really have to dress up (/winks) but I went ahead and got a new dress and broom anyway, just to celebrate the occasion. Can't ever have enough brooms, you know.

Sebastian got ready to trick or treat the minute he got home from school. So, it was his job to handle the early trick or treaters while I got myself ready. This didn't go as well as I'd hoped, because he kept coming back to get me every few minutes so one of his buddies could see my costume or so I could fix someone's busted mask.

Finally though, we were ready, and Phil got home and we piled into the car to head over to Annie's to meet up with them, because Sebastian was going to trick or treat with their kids.

Here's a picture Phil took just before we left to go to Annie's mom's house...Top, from left to right: Annie's husband, Adrian the Ghost buster (holding Will, dressed as the puppy, and man, was he freaking cute) then Annie the Devil, then me. Bottom was Princess Abigail dressed as the angel, Sebastian, and then Blake, dressed as the Death Summoner.

See, Annie and I, we're not much different now than we were in high school. It's just that now, most of the people we hang out with are a lot shorter than us. That's all, really. :)

We took off from there and went to Annie's parents, where her Dad jumped out at the kids when we arrived. I think Blake prepared Sebastian for this, because I was kind of expecting that he'd wet his pants, but he really just shrugged it off, lol. From there, we went trick or treating.

I know after living in New Jersey and experiencing the lovely winters out there that I shouldn't be one to bitch, but holy cow, was it cold last night for trick or treating. The last couple days have been unusually cold, frost on the grass cold in the morning, and that's not supposed to happen for a while yet. It didn't bother the kids all too much, but the parents weren't getting any candy out of the deal, so we huddled up and complained as we made the kids run to all the houses.

After we were done, we went back to Annie's parents to thaw out, and then we headed home, where I was finally able to get Sebastian to eat dinner and Phil off to bed, since he had to work today, which is typically a day off for him.

Before I end my post for the day, I have to post the cuteness that is our dog, Cassie. She's a really funny dog, because she actually LIKES to be dressed up in dorky outfits. Her whole personality changes when she's wearing something. She prances and poses and shows off a bit, and yesterday was no exception-it was just another excuse to dress her up without making Phil run away in shame, so we dressed her up as a pumkin.

The hood was too big for her, but once she slowed down and took a minute to nap, I was able to take a better picture so you can get the idea.

Cute. :)
Have a good day, everyone.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Starting to be a little Halloweenie round here...

Yesterday we kind of had a "trial run" with Sebastian's costume for Halloween. Of course, we've done this costume before (shh, you're not supposed to remember that he was the same thing last year, we're in a new state so that doesn't count!!) so it was just a matter of finding all the pieces to it since he tried it on in his room when it arrived last week, and we all know what happens to things when they enter his room, sometimes you just don't ever see them again...

Sebastian really digs the vampire costume...he really gets into the role and enjoys posing with his cloak (which is different than the cloak that came with last years costume!) Phil and I have a blast taking pictures of Seb in his costume though because he's so dang cute. You can see Phil in the background of the top picture, and he's probably having more fun than Sebastian, hehe.

So anyway, Sebastian was invited to his very first Halloween party, courtesy of Zack. Zack is Andrea's nephew. His parents, Mandy and Fred, well, I practically grew up with all of them, so they're kind of like family. Sebastian was so excited/nervous for this party that all the way there he talked about how his stomach felt funny. Butterflies, hehe.

Andrea and I quickly snagged chairs at the table where we decorated cookies like the kids. Of course, our cookies rocked. Andrea decorated a bat, and I made an evil George-cat cookie. Look at us. We're so freaking adorable.

Not as adorable as these guys, though. How can you top them? Here's Sebastian, Colby and Zack, all dressed up for the party. They had a great time, too. They decorated (and ate) Halloween cookies, painted Halloween decorations, played ball outside, and they all played nicely together inside too. It's nice for Sebastian to have friends to play with outside of school. He's really pretty shy still, so he really does well playing in a small group situations I think.

After the party, we decided that we were starving. Despite being on a budget (Holiday's are coming, people!!), we decided to go out to Denny's to grab something to eat, because none of us wanted to wait to drive all the way home and then wait again to cook something.

They were pretty short staffed there, and they forgot our silverware, our napkins and the sugar, and then brought our appetizer with our dinner but managed to not even put Phil's order in to the kitchen, so by the time it was all done, our entire meal (and a special vampire dessert for Sebastian) was free. So while it sucked, it still fit into our budget, lol.

And speaking of dinner, ours is currently on the stove, so I'm off. Halloween is tomorrow, and we're going trick-or-treating tomorrow. And I've added a new broom and hat to my daily wear just for the occasion. ;)

Have a good night.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last night (Friday), we invited my dad and Barb over for dinner and for pumpkin carving. We raided Albertsons on Thursday night and loaded my bug up with a zerg of pumpkins, so there was plenty for everyone. The top picture as well as the one directly below are of the finished with the flash and one without, and the one without has Sebastian in the background attempting to impersonate a pumpkin.

Here's some other pics of the pumpkin carving process. As you can see, my dad came prepared with...power tools, which Sebastian thought was mighty impressive.

Sebastian is a pretty independent carver-someone just needs to cut the top off for him and after that, he's off. We usually get the pumpkin carving kit that comes with the little tools, but by the time we were done this year, we'd managed to break the little saws. :/ But not before Sebastian turned out a masterpiece.

Think we're just getting started here, we're mostly just drawing faces on at this point, and Sebastian is in the back starting to scrape the guts out of his little pumpkin.

This is a pretty cool picture of Sebastian and Phil as they plotted out the face.

Here's Sebastian, supervising Dad's carving, hehe.

Was a really good night, and since Sebastian has a Halloween party to go to tomorrow, today I just planned on doing some laundry and being a bum, but it appears that my CD rom for my computer has croaked, so we will probably have to go out to pick a new one up, because I have a ton of pictures on my hard drives that I want to back up, and even more crucial is the guild website that I have a copy of on my hard drive but need to copy on to CDs just for safe keeping.

So, more later :)

Have a good night.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to blogging...

I know, I'm a horrible blogger. It's been a long while since my last update, and so much has been going on that I don't even know where to start!!

About a week ago, my Grandpa and his better half Jan came to visit us. This was the first time I'd seen him in about 11 years, and my first chance to meet Jan, although it felt like I already knew her since we'd talked on the phone.

This was Sebastian's first time meeting his great-grandpa, and he was a happy camper. He kidnapped Jan and took her back to his room to show her his toys and video games...he even CLEANED his room to make sure that she didn't get lost in there. When he cleans anything, it must be for a good reason, heh.

They're in the process of getting ready to head back to Arizona as they do every winter--they're packing the motor home and getting everything packed up to head out in the next day or so, and already we can't wait for them to get back. They stopped by today and brought Sebastian a box of Tinkertoys and a card, and also brought Phil and I an anniversary card, and I probably won't get to see them again until next summer.

We are 100% ready for Halloween. Sebastian's costume arrived and it's all I can do to keep him out of it. Mind you, this is the SAME exact costume he had last year, only a size larger, and he's just going crazy with excitement and he's counting down the days.

Even I got a costume this year...and I can't remember the last time that I dressed up for was probably the Halloween party in Steve Brown's basement when I was like, 14 or 15, and I can't even remember what I wore that year. I bet Andrea does though....right Andi? LOL.

Sebastian is going to trick-or-treat with Annie's kids this year, so it will be his first time hanging with friends on Halloween, and he's really excited about that. Annie and I are going to take them out together, so hopefully between us and the kids, we can manage to get a lot of candy without getting ourselves into a heap of trouble. heh.

We stopped by the Costume and Display store in south Everett on Saturday. I don't think I'm ever taking Phil back there again...he was like a little kid in there, playing with the decorations and toys. It was a miracle that I could get the both of them out of there, but it was at a price because we ended up bringing home more decorations...a bat that flies around in a circle that somehow managed to end up living in Sebastian's room, and a few things that Phil insisted on getting, including a talking skeleton that now lives in a chair out on the front porch that I'm sure will drive me nuts within the next day or so.

Phil's parents will be out to visit in December---just in time to celebrate Sebastian's 8th birthday. (Holy cow, he's going to be 8??????????? sheesh.) We're all excited about this, especially Sebastian, although it took a while to convince him that Grandma and Papa Sal couldn't sleep in his bedroom with him while they're here. You have to give him credit for trying, though. :)

I took Sebastian to the bank today to open up a savings account. He's always been really good about saving money, but his big problem is that he hides it everywhere. Not just one place, like the piggy bank that we got him that sits empty, but instead he hides some in his sock drawer, more in his toy ATM machine, more in the box that his Spiderman watch came in, etc. When I picked him up from the bus today and told him we were opening up a bank account, he was pretty upset with me about the whole thing, especially when he found out that I'd gone through his room and found all of his "super secret" spots. Once we got to the bank though, and he had to sign his signature card, (was pretty cute, his big 7 year old handwriting signing his name, hehe) he felt like a grown up and didn't mind this bank business at all.

Well, I have a ton to get done tonight, so I'm off.

Have a great week.

Friday, October 06, 2006

TGIF....for real!!

My Dad sent this to me from his cell phone...this is from our trip to the Seattle Science Center in July. They have a set up that allows you to do the weather, and you appear on the television. My dad was able to catch a really good picture, and as you can clearly see, Sebastian got a big kick out of playing weatherman.

I am just wiped out today. I don't know why, but I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning, and I actually went to bed at a fairly decent hour last night, too. Maybe that's it. Maybe I got too much sleep!

It could be too, that yesterday got off to a weird start for me. Sebastian's school district has a 2 hour late start on the first Thursday of every month for teacher training. It is a really bizarre feeling to get ready for school 2 hours later than usual when there isn't two feet of snow on the ground. For some reason, the whole day just got kind of flopped around just by that two hour change in our schedule. It's going to take a lot of getting used to. I'm just glad I bothered to look at the calendar.

They didn't send a reminder notice home from school at all, so had I not checked the calendar, I would have been standing there at the bus stop at the usual time like a dumbass, wondering where everyone else was.

Today was a good day...I got to talk to my Grandparents..we just haven't had a chance to get together just yet, and Sebastian hasn't met them, and it's really important to me that he does. They're getting ready to head to Arizona for the winter, apparently their motorhome has been fully repaired and so they're packing and getting ready to hit the road. I learned today that they've turned into Bingo junkies. The thought of my Grandpa playing Bingo...well, I still can't seem to get my brain around it. I just imagine him getting a bingo and standing up to yell "Hoooly Shiiut!!" I hope we get to see them before they leave...the last time I saw my Grandpa was about 11 years ago when my sister and I brought our then boyfriends and our Step-dad out to the farm to hang out and ride the three wheelers. Was really a long time ago.

Then I got to talk to my brother, who lives down in Florida. I haven't seen him in years, so it was kind of cool to get caught up with him.

Then Andrea came by, we went to do some banking together and then hit the grocery store together, where we picked up some groceries, chips and salsa, and Starbucks, and then we came back here and watched our soap (we've been watching Days since, shut up.) and screamed at the stupid characters together, and called the evil characters bad names. :)

We are ready for Halloween here. This is the first year in ...well, ages...that I've actually been jazzed about Halloween. Decorations up more than a week before Halloween has just never happened before, and even Phil was out there stapling spiderwebs to the house. He's already talking and plotting out the Christmas lights.

Sebastian's costume is on it's way here via UPS. Don't get excited, it's nothing you haven't seen before. In fact, it's the SAME EXACT costume he had last year, only the next size up.

When he and I discussed costume ideas, he was real quick to point out that no one here has seen any costume that he has ever worn. Therefore, he's decided to...recycle his costume ideas, and be a vampire. Again.

I know that this was his favorite costume, so I didn't have a problem with him being a vampire. Again. So last week, Phil had Wednesday off, so while Seb was in school, Phil and I hit target and found a really cool vampire costume.

Well, let's just clarify something. Phil and I thought it was cool. Sebastian decided and was quite frank when he informed us that it pretty much sucked ass.

Why? Because he wanted the SAME EXACT costume he had last year with absolutely NO deviation. And would you believe that I found one? lol. Yay for Ebay. So now we're in the process of searching for the "perfect" vampire teeth, because they have to be this specific pair that no store in our area happens to carry, and I've yet to determine if they even exist.

Seb's going to trick-or-treat with Annie's kids this year, so that will be a blast for him, it will be his first time having buddies to haunt neighborhoods with. I think that's why he's so much more excited than he has been before. That, and I think his age has a lot to do with his enthusiasm. He's been outside every night, adjusting the decorations so they look right in the dark, and as he came home from school yesterday, he made sure that every kid from the bus stop saw the spider of doom nestled into it's spiderweb over our door.

Our lovely son has also started a rock collection. It doesn't matter what it is or where it came from, if it's a rock, he snags it. He's spent countless hours digging in the dirt in the back yard in search of them. He's such a lucky kid, because fortunately for him we go through enough coffee in this house to keep him supplied with coffee cans to stash the rocks into. Coffee cans full of rocks are much better than stepping on them in the middle of the night when I go in to check on him.

Monday is Phil and my anniversary. I can't believe it's been 9 years. We were talking about it last night, amazed that all that time has gone by, and we decided that it really makes us feel old.

Tomorrow Annie and I are doing a joint party--she's doing her Party Lite and I'll be bringing my Cookie Lee. It should be a good one, so I'm really looking forward to it. It's the first of several more parties planned so far for the month. It's weird to come back to where I grew up and not really know anyone, but with a lot of help and support from folks, I'm off to a good start.

Well, I'm off, as it seems our garbage disposal has potentially bit the dust, and instead of giving me an entire afternoon to fiddle around with it to try to fix it before Phil got home (and I wasn't going to use Draino!! Well...not very much anyway ><), it started acting up mere moments before he walked in the door, so he's under the sink now on his Friday night. He found out tonight that he's not only on call this weekend, but he already knows that he's going to have to go in for work on both Saturday AND Sunday.


Anyway, he's been in there for a while and I haven't heard any cussing or yelling yet, so I'm just going to go make sure he's still alive under there.

Have a good weekend, ya'll.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October!!

It's truly a relieving feeling when I realize that the internet is a wondrous place filled with people who are just as clueless as myself.

Just now, I was on the phone with my mom, sifting through my stats for this blog, and we were talking about all the people from all over who visit here, when I happened to stumble upon some poor soul who managed to get here via a Google search. Their search parameters were: "Unclogging dishwasher with Draino."

Whoa. Attention Dishwasher Dude /Dudette: DON"T DO IT!!! OMG!!!

Ok so a couple months ago I wrote about how my dishwasher was clogged. I hope that this fellow distressed dishwasher owner actually READ the entry, so they didn't fill their kitchen up with Draino bubbles.

And yah, I felt kind of dumb when I discovered that Draino to fix a dishwasher is kind of a dumbshit move, but it could always be worse. I once lived with a boyfriend who actually put Dawn dishwashing liquid into our dishwasher to clean the dishes. Now THAT was a mess. Bubbles all the way up to the counter tops.

Hey, he was cute, not Einstein. ;)

So it's no new news to anyone around here that I'm a total dork when it comes to online video games. I love them. Starting way back before Sebastian was born we played Everquest, then I left EQ to beta test Dark Age of Camelot (which is still by far, my favorite game ever).

For a nice change of pace though, I've started a new version of Lorrixah- a big-boobed villain in the game "City of Villains". It's weird to start a toon at level 1 again in a totally different game, because Lorrixah, my reaver in DAoC is RR 10 + and well established, but the good thing is that the whole feel or atmosphere of CoV is different. DAoC for me really centers around the RvR (Realm versus Realm, where you're out killing player enemies) but I think this game for me will be primarily time spent doing the quests, which I've found so far to be pretty fun.

My little villain is only level 10, but I've enjoyed flying around with her and robbing banks and doing favors for the bad guys. I think when I log in next, I'm going to check in to doing a costume change for her though. Heheh.
Clapotis 2.0 is coming along kind of slow. I've actually been pretty busy this past week, so I've been doing a row here and there when I get a chance, but I'd love a good marathon knitting session, where I can just sit down and knit without being distracted. I have jewelry shows booked for the next two Saturdays, and I think I'd like to see about maybe setting up a couple more, so I'm not sure if the poor Clap is going to see much progress in the next couple weeks. This is kind of frightening, because folks, there are less than 3 months of knitting days left before Christmas, and I haven't knit a darned thing that I'm willing to part with!!!

I already have my next 3 projects planned...that miniature sock on the sockblocker keychain will be my first project when I'm done with the Clap Craze, but then I'm also going to work on a lap blanket. The lap blanket is going to be done in a Log Cabin pattern which I've always wanted to do, and I think working on it on a small scale basis is the exact way to do it.
Here's a fairly crappy picture of Sebastian on a hay ride this weekend. I forgot my camera and was stuck with the camera phone, so there goes my Mother of the Year Award. Again.

We had these big plans with Annie, her husband and their kids to go to this pumpkin patch and corn maze this weekend. We headed out there, only to find that they were having a private event for Boeing employees (even though their sign said they were open starting on October 1st and well, it was the first! /rude) So the kids were all disappointed, but I think maybe Annie and I were even more bummed out. We went back to their house, did some digging and came up with another place. So we hit Dairy Queen for a late lunch, and then went to "The Farm". No lie, that's what it's called.

Turns out that it was a really cool place. They had the hay ride, which was cool, but they also had a corn maze which was shaped like the state of Washington, and inside (and outside) they had signs designating different land marks, like cities and state borders, mountains and ships etc. which I thought was pretty cool.

They had this big field full of pumpkins, but we decided to wait to get one until we went back there. They had a mini golf course and a big area with a play gym for the kids to play. There was even a petting zoo, where Annie and I contemplated trying to find a way to either steal or stealth shear the sheep for wool to spin, and a whole litter? zerg? of little piglets that I wanted to bring home, but Phil suggested that if I did that I might have to live somewhere else, so they stayed.

They also have a pig there that does tricks, so he does shows, but we unfortunately missed that...we'll have to catch it next time we go.

Then there was a big ole barn filled with a hay stack maze. We followed the maze through, climbed up to the top level of the barn, which is where there was a slide for the kids to go down, and all the kids decided that this was about the greatest thing they'd ever seen.

They had a bakery too, and a gift shop where they sold cider that they made there, and honey that they made, as well as candles and a whole bunch of antique stuff that Annie and I ooh'ed and aahhhed over.

The whole place was just beautiful-not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it before.

Well, I'm off. Heroes is on tonight, and it's 8:30 already and Phil isn't home from work yet-he finished his own work a few hours ago, but someone at work had their truck break down, and the last time I called him, he was helping the guy finish his route.

Such a long day. :/

Monday, September 25, 2006

A note to those sending hatemail about my archives!!

I've gotten two e-mails today from folks trying to get to my old ancient posts.

First of all, you people are weirdos.

The archive menu on the right side of the screen...somewhere over there------->
shows all of my posts, but if you're trying to get to anything posted prior to October of 2005, you're going to get an error.

I'm aware of this error, and I've forwarded it to the Blogger Beta people like three times now. I didn't do it, I don't like it, and yes, I also find it f'ing irritating, just like everything else I've reported that everyone else is experiencing that they haven't fixed yet. Getting the "An error has occurred, please try again" message when saving template changes ROCKS!!!! ><

This is the joy of beta...they'll fix it when they get around to it, hehe.

In the meantime, if you find anything else around here that's wonky,
Shoot me an e-mail. A nice e-mail. And chocolate.

I can't think of a catchy post title today.

Today I just don't have the creativity to think of something new and exciting to title my post. I kind of sat here, staring at the screen, trying really hard to think of something exciting and showstopping, but I've just made a new rule about my blogging. If I have to think really hard to come up with a title, then I don't really need one.

So there.

I got an e-mail today from the company that hosts the guild website. See, last week when it was hacked, they gave me this big story about how it was MY fault and that I needed to change the security on the site. THEN today the rat bastards send me an e-mail notifying their clients that they had a security breach last week, and that there's a possibility that my web site might have been compromised.

Gee. You think?


See, I'm no professional when it comes to this website crap, so when something breaks and someone tells me that I did it, I'm rather inclined to believe it. However, when they let me go for an entire week thinking that I need to do something with the security on the site only to send me a "Oh, dear, golly gee" letter, then they should get their e-asses kicked.

Just my opinion.

It was really a beautiful weekend-the weather was absolutely perfect. Saturday, Sebastian went to play with my friend Annie's son for the afternoon, and Phil and I hit the mall. They were doing the open casting call there for the gameshow, Deal or No Deal, and we tried to time it so we got there AFTER it was over, but apparently so many people showed up for it that they were lined up right out the door and around the mall. What a zoo that was. I don't think I've ever seen so many people in that mall, and that's even counting when I was a kid hanging out there. I'm not just talking about the people that were there for the auditions...the traffic inside the mall in general was insane.

We stopped by Old Navy, I picked up a couple pairs of jeans, and then we stopped at EBgames, where Phil picked up a game for Sebastian. Phil said it was because he's doing well in school so far, but secretly I think he figured that if he got Seb a game for the Playstation that he'd stay off the X-box.

It didn't work. Heh.

On the way out I stopped and had the second holes on my ears repierced. Back when I originally had them done - hell, it was so long ago, I don't remember even having it done but wherever I went, they screwed up and made them crooked. I just now got around to getting them done correctly. I don't know why it took me so long to get them fixed. I guess I could have had them re-done back when I had my belly button pierced or even when I had my tongue done. I still have my tongue done. My belly button, well maybe I'll get it redone some day, but when I was pregnant with Seb my doctor told me that either I took it out or he'd rip it out, so that was the end of that. So, I'm pretty happy. I have my ears double pierced again, and they're not crooked!! HAH!!

Then we got to go to lunch, just the two of us...which was really nice.

Yesterday was Andi's housewarming/Seahawk party, which was a blast. Sebastian got dressed up in his Seahawk shirt and spent all day playing with her beagles and throwing pine cones at the other kids.

He's finally stopped referring to the Seahawks as the "Seagulls". I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny when he'd do that, but a true die hard fan would be offended by that. That's one of the fun things about having never really know what's going to come out of their mouth.

Sometimes that's fun. Sometimes it's not fun. Like when you're in the line at the grocery store and your kid loudly asks the very pregnant lady in front of you if she's eaten a balloon. You know. That kind of stuff.

Today, he got home from school and I sat down with him for a snack, and we had a glass of Strawberry milk together. He tells me that he likes it, and then he says: "Does this stuff come out of a pink cow?" I 'bout fell out of my chair.

Clapotis 2.0 is coming along nicely. I didn't get a chance to work on it much this weekend, but I'm still pleased with its progress. I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow. I already have my next project planned. I have a mini sock blocker that's on a keychain, and I'm going to knit a little sock for it out of whatever yarn is leftover from the Clap I'm currently working on. It should be super easy and super fast, the only thing is that I'm not sure I have needles small enough to do it. I have a lot of dpns from sock knitting, but I'm not quite sure I have size 0's.

I might be forced to go to a yarn store. Dang. How awful. ;)

The very first time I ever picked up a pair of knitting needles was almost two years ago. Before that, I had only learned to make a super long chain with crochet. My mom taught me how to do that when I was about Sebastian's age and I think I went through an entire skein of yarn doing just a single chain. I could just never get past that point.

I had a huge drawer of needles that had belonged to Phil's grandmother before she passed away. I remember digging through the drawer one day wondering what the hell those things were, and then once I found out, that was pretty much the end of that.

Oddly enough, every sock I've ever knitted has been done with her needles. She had so many needles that I really didn't have to buy many when I really dove into knitting. With the exception of a really huge needle or circulars, she had it all. That kind of suprised Phil, I think. He says that he remembers her sewing when he was a kid, but doesn't remember ever seeing her knit or crochet, and I know she did because I have patterns written out in her handwriting. From what I can tell, she also quilted and cross stitched. Quilting I've done, and sucked ass at. Cross stitch or embroidery will be my next adventure, I think.

Well, it's about that time. Phil should finally be finishing up with work soon, so I'm going to go start dinner, but first I have to figure out what to do about that evil killer bee that's been in the kitchen all day, waiting to sting me, because my tactic of sending the cats in to kill it hasn't worked.


Have a good evening, everyone.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Holy crap!! Where did this week go??

When Sebastian bounded out of bed this morning and announced that it was Friday, I did a double take. I can't believe this week is over. Usually it just kind of drags by but for some reason this one went really quick.

Last night was the first episode of The Office for the season. But if you've been around my blog this week, you not only knew that, but you're sick of hearing about it. It was a hoot, and thanks to the joys of the new cable box, we were able to rewind and replay all the funny scenes at least ten times a piece. Until we both cried, hehe. :)

So I guess this isn't going to come as a major shock to everyone when I say that I've started another Clapotis. This time it's in the Koigu kpppm and so far it's knitting up totally different than my first one did. It's a lot stretchier feeling and I think that maybe that's what's making me nervous...but I'm just going to plow ahead because the worst thing that could happen is that I hate it, and if that's the case then I can just frog it and find something new to make the yarn into.

So, remember the treadmill movie I posted the link to a couple days ago?

Well look what someone did. Can you imagine having the time and patience to put this little thing together? It must have taken forever.

So I sent a check to school with Sebastian today. Prepare yourself for this....I've joined the PTA.


If someone had told me ten years ago that I'd be joining the PTA, I would have fallen over with laughter. The only thing missing now is the minivan with the "I'm a Proud Soccer Mom" bumper sticker on the back, and if you think for one minute that I would trade my cute little convertible bug in for one of those, you're sorely mistaken. Ain't happening. Ever. I could still squeeze one more kid in the back seat if we're lucky enough to ever have another one, and if something really bizarre happens and we were to have more, I'd strap the little buggers to the roof. ;)

Short entry today. I have a lot of things I want to get done before the weekend starts. Tomorrow I have some baking I want to do, and then on Sunday, Andrea is having her Housewarming/Seahawk game party, which should be a blast.

Have a good weekend, everyone.