Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Today, I lack the creativity to think of any other name for todays post aside from what day of the week it is.

The picture in today's post is of a book I got recently. It's a terrific book, with beautiful photos. The only thing I hate about this book is that they've organized the patterns into time-lines, to give the knitter an idea of how long each project will take, and the time-lines are incredibly unreasonable.

I'm hell bent on bringing back the 80's. Also as a kid, when I was in ballet, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than a pair of pink fuzzy leg warmers. So this was the pattern I decided to do first. In the book, this pattern falls into the 2-4 hour category...and I'm sure this is totally possible, if you're a freaking octopus. It's a simple k-1 p-1 rib on a circular. Fast, easy and semi mind-numbing. It's been like, 5 days and I'm still on the first legwarmer with about 12 more inches to go. Think I'm gonna take a break and make a sock or something.

It's a great book with terrific patterns, but if anyone picks this book up, don't take the time frames literally, unless you have a minimum of three pairs of hands.

Today is Phil's birthday, and he was home most of the day because he got to sit in line first thing this morning at the lab and wait for his tests to be done. With our lab, it's first come, first serve...you can be there fifteen minutes, or you can be there for three hours, so he ended up having to take the day off because there was no way he could give a concrete time at work as to when he would be available.

Because he was home, my brilliant idea of the suprise birthday cake kinda went out the window. Ah well.

Although Sebastian was fine yesterday, he managed to get up at 4 this morning and get sick. Not really sure what the hell that's about, but he ended up staying home from school today. I hate having him miss school.

My quest to get people to RSVP seems to be working out okay. We are now up to 11 kids attending, which is almost double the numbers I had yesterday morning.

Turns out, some people don't know what R.S.V.P. means. I made my very first call yesterday, identified myself and I said "I'd noticed that you hadn't RSVP'd yet for Sebastian's party, and I was just calling to touch base with you to see if could attend so I can provide the facility with an accurate headcount."

The mother replied, "What do you mean when you say "RSVP?"

I was like, hrm.

I said, "RSVP is a phrase used in invitations so people who are invited know that the hostess needs a response as to whether or not you will attend."

"But what does RSVP mean?" she asked.

I went on to gently explain to her that it was actually a French phrase that means “Repondez S'il Vous Plait” which means "Please respond."

"Oh." she said. "I ain't never taken no French."

This is the part where I bite my tongue and stab myself with the nearest knitting needle so I don't accidentally call her an asstard, because apparently she ain't never taken no English, either.

Then as I suspected, there was one father who decided that by not RSVPing, he was psychically beaming to me the fact that his daughter would be attending....and then there was the mother who decided that by not calling me, she was letting me know that her son couldn't come because they were having company in from out of town that weekend.

I have learned a valuable lesson because of this. The next time I send out invitations, I won't use the phrase "RSVP". Instead, I will simply ask them to call me to let me know either way as to whether or not they will be attending, so folks don't have to enroll themselves in an ettiquette class, a French class or even an English class in order to understand my invitation.

Oh, well.

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