Thursday, December 22, 2005

Three days...

...and my holiday projects are complete!!

This is the second drawstring bag I finished day before yesterday. If it looks familiar to you, then you're right. I used the same pattern from a book I posted about last week, this particular pattern is the same one they featured on the cover.

Just because my holiday knitting is done, doesn't mean anything else is. The lovely thing about the holidays is that every time I finish something, I turn around and find something else I need to do before I can even relish in any sense of accomplishment.

I've gotten a lot of wrapping done. The bad thing is I still have a lot more to wrap. The really bad thing is that I'm expecting two packages still, and whether or not they arrive in time is kind of up in the air.

One is the battery pack that goes with the blasted Shell Shocker toy that almost drove me to drink trying to track down. Granted, the battery pack was shipping from a different place than the actual toy, but it's not here yet, the seller is no longer a registered user on Ebay, and they're not answering my e-mails, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Either I wait and trust that the damn thing is going to arrive, or I order another one from elsewhere and have it overnighted and just run the risk that I can end up with two battery packs.

The fact that they're no longer registered on Ebay and that they aren't responding to e-mails is enough for me to risk ending up with two battery packs, so I ended up hitting Amazon and ordering a new one. I guess if the first one arrives I can just send the second one back or just put it aside just in case.

Then, Sebastian wanted an airplane. So badly that when he finally opened his last present on his birthday and found that it wasn't an airplane, he burst into tears. Mind you, he didn't say anything about an airplane until THAT DAY, so apparently we were supposed to have some sort of telepathic powers that let us know.

I ended up ordering a little remote controlled plane on the 14th. It was supposed to ship on the 16th, but it didn't ship until the 20th, and since this company has 3 warehouses-furthest being in Oregon and the closest being in Illiniois, they're showing an expected arrival date of the 23rd-27th which pretty much screws everything up.

And of course, you can go to the USPS website and try to track it, but of all the companies, the US post office is the worst with updating their tracking system, because it still shows as being accepted from the merchant on the 20th, with no other updates.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives, and making back-up plans of obtaining a letter from Mr. Santa himself explaining that Rudolph tragically stepped on that package and that Sebastian has to wait for a replacement to arrive, and hope that Sebastian is too busy with other toys to be disappointed.

So let's sum up the joys of Christmas, shall we?

  • Missing packages.
  • Still more wrapping to do.
  • My house is a wreck. It looks like Christmas ate birthday, tree needles and birdseed, and then vomited all over my living room.
  • I still have more cookies I want to bake, but I can't seem to find my kitchen counter at the moment.
  • I have this gingerbread house kit sitting on my table to do. Looks like construction is going to be delayed a bit...until next Christmas.
  • I still have the Thank You cards from Sebastian's party sitting here for his classmates, and for some blasted reason, I've forgotten all week to put them in his back pack for him to take to school.
  • There is a pile of laundry in my bathroom that is refusing to walk itself down to the washing machine. Well it was a pile yesterday, today it's more like a mountain.
  • Sebastian has somehow convinced himself that he doesn't have school tomorrow and he really does. Despite my showing him the calendar which clearly shows that he has school, he has decided to take a stand and refuses to go.
  • Our blind cat has gone from tree climbing to sleeping on presents which means that every time she jumps up on one, her claws rip the wrapping paper.

All this, and here I am, sitting at my computer, typing away.




*Edit* I couldn't post this thing without at least sharing one positive note with you all:

This week, in New York, the mass transit system is on strike, and everything is gridlocked, jammed up, delayed and otherwise FUBAR'D.

And I don't live there. /dances with glee

Hey, was the best I could come up with. And I did it dispite the fact that the asstards at the news stations need to interrupt Martha, Ellen and my soaps every 15 minutes to update us and let us know that ...there is a strike going on.

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lkmanitou said...

omg, what a cute little gift bag. Since you're done with your Christmas knitting, any chance ya feel like knitting one of the two scarves I still have to knit before Sunday? ACK!