Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Teddy Bear Bread...and stuff

Today I got to spend the morning at Sebastian's school, helping his class make Teddy Bear Bread.

It proved to be an interesting situation, attempting to get a bunch of six and seven year olds to cut and mold their frozen bread dough into something that resembled bears, but in the end it turned out okay. The best part was walking in and having the kids recognize me, and Sebastian was so excited to have me there.

I slept like crap last night, I'm still a little stuffed up from my recent cold and my Afrin slipped over into the Christmas Hell that has become the side of my bed so that didn't really help matters.

Got up today and came downstairs after Phil left for work, to find our blind cat Willee stuck in our Christmas tree. The tree had toppled over and was laying over the top of Darwin's cage, and he wasn't all too thrilled about the whole thing.

I'm not really sure what it was that made a blind cat decide to climb a tree. I know that she has never climbed one before, because when we got her she was just an itty bitty thing that showed up on our doorstep already missing one eye, and shortly after that, despite a bunch of doctors including a ...get this...feline eye specialist, she lost the other one.

Anyway, she managed to get halfway up the tree, knocking down the tree itself and practically every decoration in her path. At first I thought the tree had just fallen over on it's own, because she was in the branches and not meowing or anything...just...hanging there-I didn't even see her. I reached in to grab the base of the trunk, and grabbed fur instead, screamed my head off and almost peed myself before I realized that it was just the cat and not some wild animal about to attack me. Then it took me five minutes just to pry her off the tree.

She's never been afraid of one dog gone thing, and I guess that includes trees. :(

I started wrapping presents today, I have most of Phil's done except for the one that hasn't arrived yet. Tomorrow I start wrapping everything else. Should be one hell of a mess.



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