Monday, December 19, 2005

Six days...

I'm not really sure what I'm happier about-the fact that there are six days until Christmas, or that there are only six days until Sebastian is on vacation for a week.

I finally have most everything done that needs to be done. Everything I had to mail out has been boxed, covered with a mile of packaging tape, and out the door. Trick is getting it there in time.

Since the lady at our post office hates my guts for making her pay late charges seven years ago for a movie she brought in a month late even after I called her every day to remind her, I leave the post office job to Phil, because he's much more efficient at being an asshole to crazy postal people than I ever could be. I'm learning, but in situations like this, it's always best to trust these matters with the master himself.

I'm finishing up the last thing I need to knit before Christmas...a drawstring bag. They sure turn out nice, but I don't really enjoy doing them back to back because I get bored and I start eyeing other things that I want to get started on. It's my fault really, these little bags were kind of a last minute idea for putting presents in, and with the short amount of time I left myself, I had to make one right after the other. Thankfully I'm only making two, so when this one is done, I can move on to something else that's NOT gift related, and next time I'll remember to space them out so I can make other things in between.

I'll try to get a picture of this one up after it's done.

Took Sebastian to the doctor on Thursday for his cough. Because Phil and I have recently shared a lovely bout of pneumonia, I was pretty worried that Sebastian had it as well. The doctor was sure that it hadn't hit that point yet, but mentioned that his cough was pretty deep so he put him on some fairly aggressive meds just to get rid of it.

Prescription medication and my son generally do not mix. Granted, this is only the second time in his whole life that he's ever had antibiotics, but the first time he had them was last year for an ear infection, and he hated them so much that any meds we put down him would come right back up. This time, because he had THREE different meds to take, I got smart and let him chase each one with YooHoo. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Anyway, he just took his last dose of antibiotics today, and I notice an incredible improvement. Now, if I can just keep him away from the nasty little snot flingers at school, we'll be okay.

We spent this weekend getting our final touches done on family gifts, and it wasn't as bad as it usually is. Usually my first priority for Christmas is Sebastian and getting the gifts for people that need to be mailed out, and everything else is kind of a mad dash for the finish line. This year though I had already gotten a fairly decent start on everything else so the rest was easy. So easy that I'm wondering if I've forgotten something. /sigh

We got our tree yesterday. When Sebastian was born, we decided that we would always wait until after his birthday to do our tree, so there is a definite seperation between the two events. I like it much better this way, and even though Sebastian is at an age where he understands that his birthday and Christmas are two different things, we continue to do our established tree system.

I know people who have their tree up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving. I suppose this is okay if you go the artificial route, but I don't think in my entire life that I've ever had an artificial tree and I'm not about to start now, so to me, waiting a bit longer means less needles being tracked around the house.

Darwin, our African Grey, he has this Christmas stuff down. He knows when I move him that the tree is coming. As the tree is being brought into the house, he voices his displeasure by swearing at us. Well, either he is displeased, or he associates cussing with Phil trying to get the blasted tree into the stand.

Our Macaw on the other hand, is enjoying only his second Christmas. The tree to him is an incredible thing. I put him in his cage last night so Phil could bring the tree in and the whole time, he sat in there whispering "What's that?" over and over again. We got the tree in the stand, and I let Bumbles back out. "Come on!! Let's go!" he kept yelling as he stood there on his perch with one foot flailing around in the air desperate for someone to pick him up so he could go investigate. I scooped him up and took him over to the tree and he sat there, staring, his eyes pinning as he kept saying "What's that?" followed by an "Oh boy!" He's so much like a little kid, we laughed at him until he cocked his head and laughed back at us.

Sebastian had a birthday party to go to this weekend at the bowling alley. This was his first time bowling, and really I should be shot for not taking him sooner, because I really enjoy bowling. Apparently, he does too, because when it came time to sing happy birthday and eat cake, he refused to leave the lane, lol. When it came time to leave, he cried. We had to bribe him by telling him he could get something while we were out with the Toys R Us gift card he got for his birthday just to get him out the door.

He kept getting annoyed at the other kids who weren't quick to take their turns. The other kids would get side tracked and disappear for long periods of time and he would sit there, fuming because it wasn't his turn. Finally he got so mad that he stood up and started bowling their frames. They didn't notice, and I doubt they would have even cared if they had, but just a fair warning to anyone who ever bowls with my kid: don't make him wait.

I'm off. I have so much to do around here that I don't even know where to start. :)


vegas_andi said...

hey?? do you have any pictures of your birds anywhere?? I was reading your bird post to Steve cuz we we're laughing so hard about it.... I can't seem to access your family site anymore?? Thanks!!!

Nicole said...

I took the family site down just two days ago, I can't keep up with all the updating!! lol.

Here is Bumbles, my macaw:

and here's Darwin, our African Grey:

Darwin isn't as outgoing as Bumbles, but that's kind of his nature. Bumbles on the other hand is pretty much a clown, and he's usually all over me like a rash. That, and he never shuts up.