Wednesday, December 07, 2005


K. Well, I picked Seb up from school on Thursday, because he barfed at school. He was sick Thursday night, fine all day Friday when I kept him home from school, fine Saturday, fine Sunday. He went to school on Monday. Tuesday, the nurse calls me to let me know he's sick.


What the hell is going on? I guess he went to school on Monday, and got this stomach crap again? I know he has *something* because I have a touch of it, too.

I hate having him miss school, but I feel like a shit thinking he's okay and sending him only to have to pick him up later. I wonder what the school policy is before they start yelling at me for how many days he's missed school. Obviously the school nurse knows that he's legitimately sick, she told me herself that she was with him when he got sick.

And here his party is coming on Saturday. Yikes, I hope whatever this is goes away before then, because we've actually had 12 kids RSVP now. He's sleeping quietly, hasn't been sick now since after the lunch he had when I brought him home today, but apparently that doesn't mean shit since he can be fine one day, sick the next.


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