Sunday, December 11, 2005

Party's over!!

Well, the party was a success, and Sebastian had a terrific time.

The people at the party pretty much did everything, so we basically sat back, ate pizza, and took pictures. They put all the gifts in a bag for us to take home which was kind of nice, the only thing I didn't like about that is that 3 gifts got seperated from their cards, and I can't figure out which gift goes to which card for sending out Thank-you's, and I'm not quite sure what to do about that.

We had about 12 kids there and most of their parents came along with them, so our party room was pretty full. The kids played hard, by the time we moved into the party room they were red faced and sweaty. One mom, as she was taking her son home, commented that her son was exhausted, and told me that because of that, she should pay me lol.The end result is a ton of pictures and one of my dorky movies, and I'm putting a lot of them up and you're all going to be forced to endure them. :)

Sebastian blowing out his candles

Anyway, we finished up at the party, went to Phil's moms to do birthday presents for her, Phil and Seb since they all had birthdays this week, and then headed home. You'd think that Sebastian would be dead tired after a day like that, but he was going a million miles an hour. We let him stay up late since we got home late and he didn't get to open his gifts from his friends until we got home, so he was opening boxes and playing with things, and he knew Grandpa was going to be calling him back which gave him another reason to keep chuggin, but by 1 am est, he was still making excuses for why he needed to keep getting out of bed.

We finally got him to bed. I had one well-deserved glass of wine and decided I wasn't going to be up much longer, so I went in to check on him and he was passed out in his bed. The only reason I knew he was in there was because I could see a foot sticking out and one hand clutching the RC submarine my dad sent him...everything else was buried in the mountain of gifts he received. I could hear him snoring so I knew he was still alive under there, so I tiptoed out and shut the door behind me and crawled into bed.

Anyway, it was a great party and it was fun to see him running around with his friends. I wanted it to be a really great party for him and I think that mission was definitely accomplished.Enjoy the pictures :)

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