Monday, December 05, 2005


So. Thursday morning I get a call from the school nurse at Sebastians school, calling to inform me that my son has vomited at school.

I run down to pick him up, get into the nurses office to find him sitting there. He looked alright, he felt alright...I turned to the nurse and I asked what happened. She told me that there was a stomach virus going around, and gestured to the corner behind me where I saw a bunch of kids laying there apparently sick from the same thing, because she referred to them as her "victims". She opened a drawer where she had a full stock of plastic bags, handed me a bunch of napkins for the ride home, and sent us on our way.

I almost wondered if maybe something had upset him while he was at school prompting him to get sick, because he had seemed fine just two hours before, and all the way home, he was listing out what he wanted for lunch since he was so hungry.

Turns out I was wrong. This ended up being Sebastians first experience with the stomach flu, the poor kid couldn't keep anything up or in, had a horrible tummy ache, and I had to rock him to sleep Thursday night for the first time in about four years. Fortunately by Friday night, he was just fine.

Then, Friday night/early Saturday morning, Phil told me that his chest felt tight and uncomfortable, and that he was having a hard time breathing off and on. Phil saying anything at all about being uncomfortable is generally a sign that something significant is going on, so I went into panic mode, made everyone get dressed, and went to the Emergency room.

Four hours of heart monitoring, IV fluids and chest x-rays later, and we discover that he's got pneumonia. It kind of made sense, I suppose he probably got it from me from when I tried to bite the dust from one of the lovely things Sebastian brought home, and I was actually kind of relieved about it, because I was really quite terrified sitting there thinking of all of the things that could possibly go wrong. He's on some monster antibiotics and should be on the mend.

Saturday night we decided to get to the mall to see Santa before the real Santa rush kicked in. I decided that instead of paying sitting fees at Sears for them to do our Christmas cards, and then waiting for them to get done, that it made much more sense to kill two birds with one stone and just get Santa cards done.

Dressed Sebastian up in his Christmas outfit. He doesn't dress up very often, and on this particular night he was right impressed with himself. We had to peel him away from the mirror to get him out the door. By the time we hit Starbucks and got in line, Santa appeared to be finishing up a break, but even so, the line wasn't bad at all.

It was a different Santa than the one we had seen in the last six or seven years, but he was cool just the same. He impressed Sebastian by making a big deal about how he almost didn't recognize him because he had grown so much, and then asked Sebastian what he wanted for Christmas, where Sebastian proceeded to rattle off two toys that he had never mentioned to me ever before in his entire life. Santa's big voice boomed as he repeated the items back to Seb loud and clear, and all I could think of was "what the hell are these toys", and "why couldn't he have come up with these toys BEFORE I finished shopping for him..."

Then, we hit the new Target (in this house we pronounce it "Tar-jay") to pick up some new holiday decorations. We have never really purchased decorations before...everything we have decor-wise are things that Phil's mom passed down to us or that we received as gifts. We've never done lights outside or anything like that, partly because we don't have an outlet outside, and we've just never gotten around to putting one in, and partly because we've just never really thought about lights and such. I pretty much slap a wreath on the door and we're good to go.

That wasn't going to fly with Sebastian this year, so we picked up a couple light displays to put in the windows and some garland for our stairs, some new balls for the tree, and a new tree skirt for the cats to rip up. I always enjoy putting decorations up. I hate having to take the shit down.

I'm off!!

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