Thursday, December 08, 2005


K, so the flurries are starting to fall. According to this link, by tomorrow afternoon we're supposed to have up to 8 inches of white CRAP.

See, back home, we'd get like, an inch of snow and school would be cancelled, people would stay home from work and the end of the world would be declared as the news would cover the tragic blizzard.

Here, we get a foot of snow and everything proceeds as normal. This, my friends, is not always a good thing, because brave drivers do not necessarily equal intelligent ones. If you catch my drift.

I would really be happy actually, if school is closed tomorrow, because I'm a tad bit concerned about putting Sebastian on a bus only to have the school nurse call me two hours later to pick him up. He says he feels fine. But he said he felt fine on Tuesday, too.

My little bug is awfully low to the ground. If I were stupid enough to try to get anywhere in the snow, I'd probably get half a block before I'd be pushing the snow...unless there has been a miracle and a plow has been by.

And if that's the case, I'll have to unbury my car, and then dig a path out behind my car because the jerks like to push a giant wall of snow right up to the edge of our driveway.

Then we have to consider the fact that I don't do snow. Yes. I am an absolute complete and total weenie when it comes to driving in the snow. Even walking gracefully in snow is a difficult task for me-someone always gets hurt. Let's hope there's a ton of snow on the ground in the morning, and a ton falling from the sky, and that someone from the school board is as big of a wuss as I am.

In my religion (my very own religion that I made up and that changes daily to suit my needs) snow is something that is best for sitting inside and looking at with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands.

If the rat bastards don't cancel school, I might just call em up and tell em that Seb won't be in school because we're observing a religious holiday.


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