Monday, December 12, 2005

The countdown begins...

Well, every morning, Sebastian updates his little chalkboard where he's counting down the days until Christmas.

13 days folks!! Let the panic begin!! /cries

So today, I put Sebastian on the bus, hoping he doesn't have to be picked up later on from school.

I asked him at least a dozen times on the way to the bus stop how he felt, until he got annoyed with me and told me to shut up. He said he felt fine, even mentioned as he zipped past me down the road that he had his "hyper speed" back. I guess that's a good thing?

And if for some reason, he does get sick, I decided to at least make it interesting for everyone. He had a big ole bowl of fruit loops for breakfast. /Evil grin

I'm just nervous that he's going to realize that vomit at school=mom picks me up, and I really don't want him to start intentionally doing this just so he could go home.

Went to Wallyworld last night and picked up a bunch of stuff to make Christmas cookies last night. It's probably a bit too ambitious of a project, but I figured that it would be fun for Sebastian to decorate them. He was pretty insistant on making gingerbread men which I really didn't want to do, I'd already picked out a few recipes that I wanted to make and I really didn't want to add more into it, but as luck would have it, Toll House or someone makes pre-packaged gingerbread men in the freezer section, and we just happened to walk by them and notice them.

I was glad to see my favorite blog updated today. If there are any animal lovers out there reading, go check out this blog, and make sure to take the time to sift through her archives (I think they're listed by month on the right hand side somewhere):

This is a really well done blog by an ER vet, and from time to time she will post about the animals that come in that she works on. I like this blog because it's clear that she's someone who enjoys her work and you can tell that she puts a lot of herself into every animal that walks in, because when something turns out well, you get a sense of relief, and when she loses a patient, you can tell that it breaks her heart. This is really a very real perspective, with the good, the bad and the ugly, and I appreciate that she doesn't sugar coat or make anything pretty and fluffy because I think it helps pet owners understand where their vets come from when they deal with pets.

All my life, all I really wanted to be was a vet, but the more I really think about it, the more I doubt that I could have ever handled the emotional aspect of not being able to save an animal, let alone dealing with the owners of the pets who pass away. I really don't think that telling someone that their pet is too sick to save or that it has died ever gets any easier, and I'm not really sure that it's too professional to have a doctor or vet tech out there sobbing with the pet owners. No matter how sick an animal is, I think there will always be this sense of never doing enough or that you've let the people down somehow, even though you know you have done everything you can, and I'm the kind of person who sees an animal and loves it instantly, and I don't think that I could cope with not being able to make it better again.

Last month, when she had to put her own dog to sleep, I read her blog and cried. I guess the fact that I had lost my cat recently didn't help, but I think that putting myself in her shoes where she was a vet that couldn't do anything to save her own pet really made me sad.

Anyway, I check this particular blog on a daily basis hoping for updates.

I have a lot to do today, and I am cautiously camping my phone, just in case the school calls...


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