Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas is over, and we survived.

Yah, I know I haven't posted in a couple days, but it took a while just to create a path from the kitchen to the Christmas tree and from the Christmas tree to the puter room. I figured I'd better post something before the death threats started to arrive from my mother, and just to update everyone.

Santa wasn't done at our house until 4 in the morning on Christmas eve, mostly because there was a little boy upstairs thumping and tiptoeing around most of the night.

Usually, this is the norm around here on Christmas. Phil and I finally get to bed, and usually two hours later he's ready to go. Then we end up visiting relatives while in a stupor, and that doesn't make for much holiday cheer.

This year was different, though, because we weren't greeted until 10 am, so apparently he waited up and waited up and waited up and likely fell asleep just before the sun came up.

Was fine by me!!

Usually we don't let him go downstairs until after we do. Usually we get our coffee and then head downstairs.

Sebastian was in a panic this year though. He was terrible the week leading up to Christmas, which led to my favorite parental tactic: Santa blackmail. Seb was so worried that Santa might have caught wind about his recent adventures and decided to not visit us afterall, that he was dang near in tears, so Phil cheated and let him run down to take a peak.

Sebastian scored big this year. He got his blimp and the Shellshocker (still no battery for that yet, don't get me started because that's a whole other post in itself) and his army guy with the parachute, as well as tons of other things.

Was fun this year because everything he opened was followed by a "Oh COOL!!" or an "OH WOW! JUST what I ALWAYS WANTED!!" hehe. In previous years, he always opened something and barely looked at it because he was wanting to get to the next thing. This year though, he got so excited about everything that it took us over an hour to get through every gift because we kept stopping to pull things out of their boxes as they were opened.

Santa was good to me, too. :) This year I got the Sims for my psp, a food processor that will keep me from ever having to chop anything ever again in my life, a Gizmo which is kind of a hand held mixer with different attatchments for drinks etc (Santa must have gotten tired of my Mixmaster living on the counter all of December).

Santa also raided some poor craft store and bought 1 of every knitting needle they had. I also got the entire first season of Little House on the Priarie on DvD (don't laugh, that show kicks ass...) I also got a thermal shirt and bottoms set, which I really wanted since they're so comfortable and I haven't had any since I stretched the last of mine out when I was pregnant with Seb.

My dad sent me a bunch of knitting books, all of them are great and give me lots of ideas for things to do this year. My favorite one is called Socks Socks Socks, and the patterns in it are just incredible. A nice mix of patterns, both ones I know I can do easily and ones that will push me a bit. He also sent us a gift card for Target, and I'm eyeing that as helping us get new blinds for the living room and kitchen, and they also sent a new headset for Phil, which was really a present for me, so I don't have to listen to him cuss at his old headset. :)

After all the hohoho here, we headed off to Phil's mom's house, where we had even more hohoho and a terrific dinner.

Was really nice, but I'm really glad that it's done and over with, and that we can move on to the New Year and de-Christmas our house and get on with things. :)

Hope everyone's holiday was safe and happy.

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