Monday, November 28, 2005

Wow. that weekend went fast...

No, this picture is not of my house, but I thought it was cute...mostly because I know that the chance of me finding a zerg of polar bears in my front yard is slim. A squirrel, I can handle. A big ole polar bear, well that might scare the crap out of me.

Our four day weekend has come to a close, and holy cow did it go fast. Now we have to wait til Christmas for another nice long break. I'm worse than a kid, I think.

I got all of Sebastians birthday party invitations done over the weekend-inserts and all. Sebastian spent a lot of time writing the name of each classmate on them, and took off to school today with the invitations. I hope he remembers to pass them out. He gave his first one to the little boy at his bus stop this morning. The little boy is not in his class, but they are buddies who ride the bus together and share one common love...Spiderman.

This week, I'm going to get the party favor bags together. I hope a lot of kids are able to come, it will make Sebastians day.

This week, we're going to be going through Sebastian's room and clearing things out and removing old toys etc. I may not survive this. If all goes as planned, we'll be done and able to put his new bed in this weekend.

He has a race car bed atm, but it takes up his whole room. For his birthday, Phil and I decided to find something that was a bit more practical space-wise, and we found a great loft kind of bed for him. There's a bunk on top with a ladder going up to it which he will totally dig providing he doesn't break his neck getting up there. Below, there is a trundle bed drawer that pulls out in case he has a friend over. In between the bed and the trundle are drawers and a big cubby hole for him to stash toys in or hide in. This should really help with his space and storage problems.

We hope. It's amazing how much crap one little kid can collect. Most of it is books. Tons and tons and tons of books. I guess after we get the bed up, the next order of business will be hanging a bunch of book shelves in there.

I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving. Couldn't quite seem to squeeze into my jeans this morning. Well, I could squeeze into them, I just couldn't breathe afterwards. That's definitely a sign that Thanksgiving was good. Still plenty of leftovers in the fridge...I had mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast. :)

I frogged the sock I was working on. I got all the way past the gusset, decided that it could have looked a lot better, and ripped it all back. I think that it will go much better this next time around, now that I have essentially worked the pattern and all the stitches once already, there will be less mistakes. I think.

Anyway, I'm off. Mount Laundry calls and I have a new scout to pimp out for the Battlegrounds for my game.

See you all later. :)

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