Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh well.

I finally had two days where I felt better. I actually got dressed, left the house and went into town yesterday...was such a beautiful day, I couldn't bring myself to stay inside. Went down and did a bit of shopping and stopped by the video store I used to manage, and hung out with Jim Whitaker for a bit. I can't believe that after all this time he still works there, hehe.

This morning, Sebastian got up with a sore throat and another cough. I decided it was best if he just stayed home from school. I'm hoping he'll feel a bit better later this afternoon, because he's going over to Grandma's to stay for dinner while Phil and I do the parent teacher conference thing.

I'm hoping that whatever he's coming down with is some mild bug that somehow manages to skip the rest of us. I need a good break from all this garbage that's been going around. It really stinks that as soon as I am well enough to actually sleep through the night, Sebastian comes marching through the door with some new bug to share with us.

I don't really have much to write about today. I'm still drinking my coffee, Sebastian is downstairs watching Spy Kids 3-D for the 4th time in two days. I actually went to bed early last night, I don't think I even made it past the 11:00 news which kind of irritated me since I was wanting to watch that video of the Tornado that some guy had made. Dunno why it irritated me when I can find most anything newsworthy I want over the internet.

It's pretty funny actually, how far the internet has come. I guess when I was like, 17 or 18, the idea of cable internet was not even a factor. Back then it was America Online, on dial up!! w00t!

There was also a local BBS in Everett that we could dial into called Dregs Of Darkstar, which was run by this couple a few miles away, and a bunch of us from school were really into that. They had games set up to play and you can chit chat with them...we thought that was the coolest thing in the world. They even set up parties at their house where everyone who used their BBS could go to meet. Was pretty bizarre, I remember running into one of my cousins there once, and I remember that people would hold hands and stand in their kitchen and someone would touch the refrigerator and everyone in the circle would get shocked. Wild times, man.

I guess it was a mild sign of things to come. Phil and I got our first computer when I was first pregnant with Sebastian, and things had already changed a lot since the days of Dregs. I would call home from work at the video store and I could hear him playing Quake in the background.

Then we moved into this house, Sebastian was born, and we realized that one system wasn't enough. Soon we each had a computer, and we were up all night every night playing Everquest. We had TWO phone lines because cable wasn't available here yet...and when I wasn't using my computer, Phil was dual logging modems for faster speed. HA!!! /snorts.

We were the first people in our town to sign up for cable internet. I remember it was Fathers Day, and Phil was like a little kid bounding out of the house in search of a cable modem.

It's probably a really good thing that online gaming like Everquest wasn't around when I was in school. There's no way in Hell I would have ever graduated. I would have never met Phil, because chances are, he would never have left his house long enough to get to a bar for me to pick him up at. :)

Flashforward to today, where we have three systems and two laptops (3, if you count the one that needs a new hard drive). Practically everything in this house relies on a computer or the internet, all the way down to the sewing machine that I use the internet to update or to get embroidery patterns for.

If I need an answer to something, I check the internet. If I need to buy something, I price check on the internet. If I need to find someone, I Google 'em. If I need to talk to someone, why spend long distance when you can use the internet? Why pay for postage and send a letter, when you can just e-mail them? Paying bills? pfft. Online billpay! Why call a company and sit on hold to ask a question? Get online and hit their website and find out yourself.

If the cable goes out in this house, we panic. We're lost. We sit, staring at eachother, contemplating how long we should wait before calling the cable company, because if you call right away, you appear desperate and dependent. If you wait too long, it might be too late for them to address the problem. We eye the lights on the modem, ready to pounce the minute they light back up. And when they do, we couldn't be happier.

Once upon a time, we had the potential to be a semi-cool couple.

Now, we're total geeks.

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