Sunday, November 13, 2005

Great weekend...

I should probably be asleep. But I'm not. Hate it when that happens!! I have horrible cramps. They kept me up all night. I found some left over percoset from when I had my kidney stones though, so I took one and I'm feeling pretty good now. Really good! Gonna ramble about absolutely nothing for a bit and then go back to bed. :)

The weekend is coming to a close, and I guess although nothing extraordinary happened, this was such a nice weekend that I just wish I could freeze time and stay here forever. Sebastian actually went to bed early both Saturday and Sunday which is unusual since he usually goes to bed late like we do on weekends, so Phil and I got to enjoy the bulk of both our evenings together. Kid free. Spiderman free. Quiet.

I never thought in a million years that I would still enjoy spending time with someone after being with them for so long. I always kind of expected marriage to kind of level out and be predictable after a while. Which can be a good thing, in some ways I suppose, and we do have some sense of that too, which is always a comforting thing to have. The thing is though, I remember during the first week we were dating that he told me that this wasn't going to be some boring hum-drum of a ride, and he was right. There's always some curve on our road that we can't see around, or some bump that I'm not buckled in for, and every day, I'm grateful for every dip and hill we encounter. Sometimes, you just luck out. Who'da thunk. /ends sappy rant.

We went out today to get some things done for Sebastians party. This meant stopping by Giggles and picking up the inserts for the invitations.

This place is like heaven for kids. Games, a ballpit, a train ride, a carousel, etc. All the way there, Sebastian was upset that we were just going in to grab paperwork. He wanted to stay and play and he was very disappointed when we told him that he had to wait for his birthday. We pulled up, got out of the car, and Sebastian turned to me and announced every parents worse nightmare: "Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up!"

Now, I knew this wasn't some evil plot on his behalf. Sometimes he has been known to threaten this if we're going somewhere that he doesn't want to go. But this time, we're walking into Giggles, and he'd been waiting to get there all day, so if the kid says he's gonna barf, he means it.

Phil and I, we're fortunate parents. Some kids, they barf without warning, in public, LOUDLY and everywhere, projectile style. Not our kid. He falls into what I call the "Planned Puker" category. When he makes the announcement, we're lucky enough to know that we have a two minute window to prepare. He's quiet about it, neat, and doesn't make a fuss about it either.

I felt just awful for him. Felt pretty bad for Phil too, because he had to stay with Seb while I went inside, hehe. I ran in, ran out, and by the time I came back out, he and Phil were walking around the parking lot, and he had declared himself "all better." Not sure what on earth made him sick but he was right, he was just fine, so we hesitantly headed to WallyWorld (aka Wal*Mart) to pick out invitations and party stuff.

They really didn't have much in the Spiderman theme. Apparently, a shit load of kids in this area are having Spiderman parties this month. What they did have, they didn't have enough of, so I grabbed some invitations, some party bags and phat loot to stuff the bags with, and decided we'd get everything else online.

Found this really cool Spiderman blanket. See, Sebastian still hauls his Pooh Bear comforter from his crib around. I don't mind it...I mean, I grew up with a sister who hauled a Raggedy Ann blanket around with her forever, and she took it everywhere. I remember my parents frantically going out in the middle of the night to hunt this blanket down because she'd left it in some restaurant or a freaking shoe store and couldn't sleep, so the fact that Seb just hauls the blanket around the house with him is fine with us. He can carry a blanket with him until it becomes his future wifes problem, but for some reason I have this urge to try to get him to just....carry a different blanket, maybe.

I always thought that I'd pack this comforter away for when he had kids of his own. I mean it came with the ruffle and the bumper padding and sheet, really just a beautiful set. But now, the dang thing is butt-ugly. Ripped, faded and stained, and you have to smuggle it away from him to wash it, and it's hard because he hides the fucking thing from me before he goes to school. Not sure how, but my mother-in-law was able to con him into letting her throw it in her washing machine. She must think I don't do laundry around here because it was standing up on its own and walking around her house, and she had no problem at all getting it away from him to wash. Was so easy for her. pfft.

I made him a really cool Spiderman quilt last year, each patch had different spidermen, all embroidered. Searched high and low for JUST the right material to finish it. It took forever to make, and I was so proud of it. I thought, FINALLY...he'll give up that pooh bear comforter in a minute flat. Turns out, that I don't think he likes the darn thing at all.

So. Back to the spiderman blanket from Wally World. It's soft. It's fuzzy. It has Spiderman on it, ffs. I thought "Mission: replace that god awful rag he carries around" was a success.

"'s too big." He pouted.

Well shit. Foiled again.

At least he put effort into PRETENDING he liked it. I guess he noticed my dispair, lol.

I found a great site that had everything that anyone would want for a Spiderman birthday party. Found the thank-you notes, the hats, the horns, the napkins, the plates and cups. Ordered everything we needed and there's plenty of time (knocks on wood) for them to get here.

I just want everything to go right, I want everything done ahead of time so I don't have to worry about anything, and I want him to have a good time and remember this as his best birthday party ever. I'm probably more excited than he is. :)

Ok. I'm going back to bed. heh.

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