Friday, November 18, 2005


Ahh yes. This week is over.

Was a busy week, too. Parent teacher conferencing, half days, book fair, family fun night.

Thankfully, next week is a short week, he has Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving.

Our conference with his teacher was fine. I got all nervous and worried over things I already knew. The first thing out of her mouth was: "I can't believe how shy he is!" Which was kind of a relief for me since his kindergarten teacher last year didn't really recognize that he was incredibly shy and thought maybe he should be picked apart by the child study team. He's come a long way since last year though, so I'm really quite happy if he just plods along one step at a time. I am worried though that next year he will start all over since 2nd and 3rd grade is in a totally different school.

I see his interest in reading picking up too. His class visited the book fair in the beginning of the week to make a list of 5 books they wanted, Sebastian filled the front and then put 5 additional books on the back of the paper. Granted, a couple of them were books like "Fear factor" (eww) and a Batman Returns picture book, and there was a spider robot model to put together on that list, but I was happy to see that he had made a list at all. I went yesterday during his class shopping time and picked up most of the books he wanted, and a few that he should be able to read to me with a little help. I also decided that the spider robot was kind of cool and picked the dang thing up.

Then yesterday, I'm sitting upstairs reading and Sebastian runs upstairs, screaming his head off, blood flying everywhere. Now, I'm not too squeamish when it comes to blood, but there is something totally different when it's coming out of your own kid. His pinky finger on his left hand was cut pretty bad. The more he screamed, the more he bled. I'm in the bathroom with him, trying to put pressure on his little finger, and he's just standing there, screaming: "Oh god my finger is going to fall off! Oh noooo what am I going to do!!"

Once he calmed down a bit, I got the bleeding to slow down, and started asking him about how he managed to get that way. I couldn't get a clear answer out of him. All he would say was "I was playing with something that I know I'm not supposed to."

No shit?

Turns out that he decided to touch a knife that Phil had used for box cutting the night before. Probably the sharpest knife in the house. Granted, the knife shouldn't have been where he could reach it, but the simple fact was, the little booger knew better, and now he was discovering exactly WHY it was that he had been told to never touch knives.

At that point I really wasn't interested in looking to see exactly how deep it was, I was just worried about keeping pressure on it and keeping it above his head, because the more blood he saw, the more chance there was that he'd start screaming again.

Bleeding stopped, I got him to run the finger under the water. Saw that it was a nice clean cut, got it bandaged, called Phil. I wasn't too sure that the trauma of going in for probably two stitches was really worth it, but since Phil is the official "Owie Expert" in the household, I wasn't about to tell Sebastian one thing and have Phil come home and tell him another.

Phil got home, took a good look, and agreed with me. Medicated it, rebandaged it, and Sebastian was good to go.

Pretty sure that this kid was put on this earth to give me a heart attack. Then there's just the simple fact that kids just do goofy things. I remember as a kid, my little brother was outside playing with little darts for a dart board. My mother kept going outside and yelling at him to stop throwing them in the air. Over and over she did that, but despite that, it wasn't long before my brother came running in screaming with a dart sticking out of the top of his head.

He was terrified. But I might have laughed at him a little bit.

So last night, I decided I was going to scoop my eyeballs out with plastic spoons knit a pair of socks. Not sure why, exactly. I've never knitted socks before. I've never seen anyone knit socks. No clue in the world how to do it. But dang it, I was going to do it.

As a first time sock attempter, I have decided that sock knitting is the equivalent of attempting to knit a child's jump rope on toothpicks. You know, those big thick things with the yellow handles that we had as kids. Only, you're not just using two toothpicks, you've got this rats nest of 4 or 5 toothpicks going at one time. And you have to split all your stitches evenly among these things, and then you have to join all your stitches together without twisting anything. HA.

It took me quite a while of fumbling before I got the basic idea of the cuff down. Even at that, I got up this morning and still ripped what I had done back to start again for what will likely be the tenth try.

Something funny about knitting. I have pretty much learned everything I know from reading and I've made some really craptastic mistakes, and I've ripped projects back more times than I have completed things, but I've never gotten angry or lost patience. With other things, I've tried them, gotten pissed, yelled, put it in a box, scribbled profanities on it and thrown it in a closet to collect dust somewhere, but I have never reached that point with knitting. I walk away for a few minutes and come back to it. And ripping back projects, even when I have to rip back a lot or even all the way back, doesn't make me as angry as you'd think it would.

I should be finishing Sebastians Alien scarf. Especially since it went from 60 degrees this week to 20 degrees in a matter of two days. I'm going to shoot to have his scarf done this weekend, but I'm still intrigued by all this sock business, and maybe I can get some pictures up this weekend. :)

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope I can get this thing posted. My cable has been stupid lately, it will go out for like, an hour at a time and then come back. The cable company, they won't come out unless it's broken, and by the time they make an appointment to come out, the cable is back up. Not sure what the deal is because it's intermittent, but that just makes it even more of a pain. ><

Have a good weekend.

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