Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First grade Thanksgiving Sing Along!!

This morning was Sebastians sing along for his first grade, and it was adorable. The kids sang the song first, and then they sang it again for the parents to join in.

I took a mess of pictures and also played around with the video function on my camera, and made a futile attempt at recording a couple movies. It's a good thing I never went into movie production because it turns out I'm a craptastic movie taker, but take comfort in the fact that I was careful to not screech sing while I recorded.

I wasn't going to put the movies up but then I decided to host them on the guild website since there's currently plenty of space there. What the hell, I pay for it, may as well use it. Just a warning though, if the site ever does run low on space I will take the files down, because the site is meant for the guild and I really don't feel too comfortable mooching off it. :)

Sebastian is hard to find in the first movie I took of his class singing their song, bunch of kids in a sea of indian hats with feathers. :) I guess you can see him to the right side of the screen, he's the one in the grey striped shirt, probably the 4th kid in, in the row before the last. I also included a really dumb clip from after they were done just so you could see him better.

I'll post the links for the movies here, and then follow up with another post with some pictures.

Sebastian and his class singing

Short clip of Sebastian after the sing along

Enjoy. :)

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