Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election day!!

I'm so glad it's election day. As soon as the NJ governor's race is over, the ridiculous commercials will be over.

These two grown men have spent over $70 million dollars in an attempt to prove to the suckers residents of New Jersey that their penises aren't tiny.

$70 MILLION dollars of mudslinging, trash talking, VN board style garbage from two guys who accuse eachother of negative campaigning in one commercial while accusing the other of extramarital affairs in the next.

They preach that they're going to lower taxes, and end corruption. These guys? Not gonna happen. They seem to change their minds from one day to the next as to where they sit on a womans right to choose, depending on who they're talking to.

They're both weasels with too much money, but in the end while we're bending over and buttering up as we pay way too many taxes for craptastic school systems in an even more craptastic state, at least we can all find joy in the simple fact that their playground games with one another will be over.


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