Thursday, November 10, 2005

Days off, report cards, and birthday parties...oh my!

This is a picture that my dad sent me in an e-mail along with some other really cool pictures, so I'll be including some of them in my posts here and there in the future.

Yesterday was report card day for Sebastian. I don't know why, but I get more nervous on his report card days than I ever did on my own as a kid. I think a lot of it is that yesterday was his first report card of the year. It's the first indication of how he's doing. I mean, if there is a problem I would think...hell, I would hope that the teacher wouldn't wait, and let me know right away instead of waiting, but you never do know.

Turns out that everything is good. There was nothing that we weren't expecting. He has some weaknesses in reading which we were aware of, but we know that he's made tremendous strides since the beginning of the summer and I know that will all fall into place with more work. The only other thing he had a weakness in was participating in group events and discussions, and since he's a really shy kid that would just freeze up last year when he got nervous, I'm just hoping that will improve as he becomes more confident and his comfort level goes up, because he doesn't seem to be as shy as he was last year.

A good example of this is his upcoming birthday. This time last year, he wanted nothing to do with a birthday party with his friends. I tried to talk him into one but he refused. I ended up decorating the house with a Spiderman theme for him and we did a little party, just us.

THIS year...totally different kid. I hesitantly brought up the idea of a birthday party and he jumped on it. I guess a full year of going to other birthday parties got him okay with the idea. In fact, he already knew what he wanted and where he wanted it. Hah.

So I called Giggles and put a deposit down on a birthday party for him to invite his class to. I guess it won't really be a suprise to everyone that he wants his theme to be Spiderman, so this weekend we'll be off to scrounge up matching invitations, plates, hats, party bags, etc. Phils mom was kind enough to offer to handle the cake for us which will be great, will be one less thing for us to do before the party and they can bring it with them when they come.

Sebastian went to a party there last year and hasn't stopped talking about it, so I hope it all goes well and that he enjoys it.

I'm thinking tonight is a good night for Pizza, since it's my "must see TV" night. I'm still hopelessly addicted to ER. :/

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