Monday, October 31, 2005

Parade down, still more to go...

Well, survived the parade. Seems that my clever idea of getting to the school early to get a parking spot wasn't a unique one. I got there 45 minutes before the parade and I still had to park 4 blocks away and I almost had to kick someones ass. I felt really bad for the people who showed up 5 minutes before the parade started or just as it was starting, those people must have parked miles away, because there were tons of people that showed up.

Looked like Sebastian was having a great time, and he was really enjoying his costume, which is apparent by the dramatic cape action he displays as he stops and holds up the entire line of kids.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that every piece of his costume makes it home in one piece, because tonight we're heading over to Phil's moms house to trick or treat, only tonight, Sebastian will be wearing make up.

Should be really interesting. :)

More later,

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