Thursday, October 20, 2005


So, half the summer and half the fall seemed to get away from me without one post.

We really did have a nice summer. Plenty of things to do without that feeling of constantly rushing around, which I absolutely hate.

Sebastian had many adventures. He has an incredible fascination for statues and towers, so this summer, he got to go see the Statue of Liberty with Grandma and Papa Sal. While they were there, they went to the Liberty Science Center, which he also enjoyed...but nothing to date has beat out the experience of seeing Lady Liberty.

We also went to the shore. It was not only Sebastians first time there, but mine as well. I mean, I've been to Ocean Shores out on the west coast, but that really pales in comparison to the environment at the Jersey shore.

Sebastian really enjoyed that. We were sure to keep him sunblocked from head to toe, I wish I could have said the same for myself because I basically fried the shit out of myself. It was probably the first time my skin had seen sun in like ten years, so let me just tell you, that sucked, LOL.

Then we made our yearly trip to the state fair. Much to my dismay, Sebastian did not inherit my overly cautious attitude (read: WEENIE) when it comes to the rides. He went on every kid ride in the place, went on a couple with Phil that went so fast his hair was standing straight up by the time he got off, and he was even eyeballing the rides that he isn't going to go on until he's 32.

I'm not a big one on the rides. I've never been hurt on them, never barfed on one, I just don't like 'em. I remember one year at Salty Sea Days back home, my sister was on a ride, was like a big ship that swung back and forth until you were practically upside down. Turns out that while she was on that ride, she barfed as the ride was moving forward and managed to hit the people behind her, and she didn't stop barfing until a half hour after the ride was over. I saw her barreling off that thing, throwing up, with very disgusted vomit covered people trailing behind her, and my instinct was to run away and pretend that I didn't know her.

With that in mind, I prefer my feet planted firmly on the ground and my stomach intact. :)

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