Friday, October 21, 2005

I am a fluff piggy.

Ah yes. New expansion, new toys.

Recently got my little reaver to RR 10. Was thinking about retiring her when I hit that milestone but the bottom line is that I really just enjoy playing her too much to shelf her.

Then, last week, Mythic released their newest expansion called Darkness Rising. The launch of it was a bit buggy, and in all fairness I have to say that usually everything they do is relatively smoothe, but once they got the kinks worked out, I found that it was really enjoyable and quick to get through which was great for me because I'm not much of a fan of the PvE end of things. If I ever take another toon through Champion Levels, I doubt that I would quest through them. Once was fine, but as I learned from driving multiple toons through ToA, you'd have to have a couple screws loose to do it multiple times.

New abilities, new weapons, and champion horses! I've waited for a player controlled horse for a long time, and now that they're out, I couldn't decide between them. So, I went ahead and picked two different ones. A fire horse for normal every day use, and a unicorn for the one day a month that I don't require Midol to make it through the day. Besides, there is just something hysterical about an inconnu reaver on a rainbow unicorn.

Sebastian loves the new horses too. He's been taking my toon out to joyride. Sadly he has also managed to kill her by jumping out of towers and such in Salisbury Plains. I hope no one saw that spam. :(

We figured that maybe he would like to start his own toon. I was really afraid that he would remove something from my inventory or drop one of my artifacts on the ground, so this was the safer bet. He got a little fighter to level three. Some poor sucker invited him to a group and probably wondered what the hell was going on, because Sebastian doesn't know how to read so well or type...or even use tells. Sebastian lost interest in the fighter anyway...he found out that it was going to be a real long time before he got a horse, lol.

Anyway, it's Friday. I really love Fridays!!

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Heath said...

Your fire horse is gonna catch those drapes on fire! :P