Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Ah yes. The big day has arrived. Sebastian has hardly slept a wink in three days because he's so excited for Halloween.

Today we packed his costume into a bag, and sent him off to school for his Halloween party and parade.

The parade is at 2 today, and parking is so craptastic down at the school that I will likely leave at least a half hour early and sit in my car and play my psp or knit a bit just so I can get a parking spot. This year they have really put strict guidelines on where you can and cannot park. There's one little parking lot that the teachers park in, and they've taken away the ability to park on the road across from the school as far as I know, which basically leaves the parents playing this maniacal game of musical parking spots.

I have my camera all charged up and ready to go, which means there should actually be pictures up this afternoon.

Then, when Phil gets home, we're going to beat feet out of here and head over to his moms so Sebastian can trick or treat and have dinner over there.

Should be a lot of fun, so check in for updates.


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