Thursday, October 27, 2005

ffs, Where are you, Friday?

There's some guy in this coffee bean picture...can you find him?

Not sure why, but this week has been dragging.

Maybe it's the craptastic weather we've had lately. I'm such a wuss about the cold weather, I run around the house in like three layers of clothes and Phil looks at me like I'm nuts. It really makes me want summer back. I'm at that part of the day where I clock-watch, waiting for Phil to get home so I can cuddle up to him.

Sebastian is ready for Halloween. If I would let him, I'm pretty sure that he would live in his costume. I've had to box it up and stash it away so it's not in shreds by Halloween night, and he's pretty angry with me about the whole thing, hehe. He's going to have a Halloween party at school and a parade, so he will be taking his costume with him. With any luck I can find a place to park in that mess down there and get some good pictures of him in his costume with his friends.

We'll likely be trick or treating at my mother in laws, and I'm going to recommend to Phil that we are out of here before the trick or treaters show up, because I might have already accidentally eaten all of the Halloween candy. This happens every year. We go out a few weeks before Halloween, I buy a bag of assorted Reeses candy for the "trick-or-treaters", and before Halloween arrives, Phil has to go out and buy another bag of candy. He probably already did and just hid it, because I think he's on to me.

My mom and I were talking the other day about my gaming. Now, she gets on the internet and checks her e-mail and jokes and she goes to websites I send her, but when it comes to video games I don't think she has really looked at one since like, the first Nintendo. When we talk about the game or anything related to it, I know she has a hard time understanding me, I know that she is probably convinced I have a screw loose, and I'm positive that she probably can't understand my e-mails which are filled with abbreviations and terms that I've picked up from playing online games. "You speak a whole other language." She says, and maybe she's right.

With that in mind, I became aware of a really cool movie with in-game footage done by the Euro company (Mythics partner, I guess) that does Camelot. I'm going to post the link here, so maybe folks can get an idea of what it's about, but more specifically for my mother to watch when she finds someone to fix her computer. (She plugged a lamp in, and apparently her computer went tits up).

Anyway, the movie is spectacular. You're going to need Winzip to open it and it's about 4 1/2 minutes long, so go grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy it.


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