Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yes...girls really DO play video games. Sheesh!

It's so funny when I stop and realize how many guys out there are convinced that there aren't many ladies playing video games...particularly the online roleplaying sort of games.

I started my online gaming almost six years ago with Everquest (also known as EverCrack). Later on, when the beta testing was announced for a new game, called Dark Age of Camelot, I signed up to test it, and I never went back to Everquest.

I've been playing DAoC since the night it went live, almost 3 and a half years, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I can always manage to log in and find some sort of trouble to get into, whether it involves killing some pain in the ass dragon, killing elves, or getting run over by trolls.

What I like about this game is that the people I play with and against are all people, from all over the world. So when I kill someone, I know that someone is somewhere at their computer calling me names, and when they run me over, they're prolly doing some kind of dance behind their puter chair.

To date I have a ton of characters I have levelled. My favorite is my reaver. I adore her and as you can see by my pictures, she's quite of the super model variety. Then I have a level 50 infiltrator, Lorrix, who's a kick in the ass to play. I have a level 50 Paladin, a level 50 Heretic, a level 50 Theurgist, a Legendary alchemist, and the list goes on.

The best part about this game is my guild. I formed the guild when the servers went live and I've been the GM (guildmaster) ever since. Biggest bunch of smartasses that you could ever meet, including my own father as well as my husband, who don't think twice about telling you how it is or telling some ding dong to screw off. Best bunch of folks that you could ever meet from all over the world, and we have a great time.:)

Some keep in Midgard. We showed up with seige, knocked a few holes into it, installed a drive-thru and some skylights, and left it for the dumb trolls to repair.

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