Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When Ebay hate is worth it...

They have arrived! The Ebay lot of summer shirts that caused my rash of hate mail from a vindictive fellow Ebayer...

And it was worth all the hate, I think, they are all adorable. :) I had to drop a package off at the post office and low and behold, my box was there waiting for me. I had been a bit annoyed originally that I had to go down there to begin with, but Sebastian missed the bus so I was going out to take him to school anyway, so that kind of made it worth the trip.

I forgot to post my tale of Ebay horror yesterday, so I will have to follow up and do that today so you all can understand the added bonus I got out of winning this auction. I'm set for summer for like, the next 3 years for what ended up being about $3 a shirt, and I got to piss someone off and ruin their day, all in one transaction. Life is good.

Tonight is Sebastians banquet for track. I'm supposed to bring a side dish to share, which means I have to cook, which means that there is a slight chance that, due to my god awful culinary skills, anyone who eats my salad might just bite the dust tonight. Hopefully we can get in there, pick up Sebs trophy, and get out of there before people start dropping. :)

Seb's feeling much better, his cough has gone away and he's sleeping through the night without any disturbances. The big trick to this was finding a cough medicine that he would take. We tried Robitussin, but Sebastian would cry when he saw the bottle, and we would no sooner get it down him than he would barf. Was pointless, and I can totally understand how he felt, I've never been much of a Robitussin fan myself. Finally found some crap that was grape flavored which seemed to do the trick and he was a lot more comfortable after that.

Well I'm off to the kitchen. If you don't see any posts from me for a couple days, it's because someone who ate my salad at the banquet died.

Just kidding. Seriously.


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