Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trying hard to be cool...

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Damn, it's hot out. So hot that at midnight last night, when I was out scouring the neighborhood for our stupid cat who escaped yesterday, it was still above 80 degrees.

Not really sure what it is about the particular state I live in, but coming originally from Washington state, I have decided that New Jersey is not really capable of having any sort of happy medium. I'm either too dang hot or too freaking cold. Never anything in between. Well, I take that back. There are like, three days in the year when the trees turn bright reds, yellows and oranges, and when that happens, it's really nice. The rest of the year can go to Hell.

So anyway, I got inspired the other night to get an iced tea maker. Checked out Ebay, they were too expensive. Checked out Wal*Mart (aka, Wally*World!!) and they had them, super cheap. I was out the door like a raped ape to get one, and I must say, it's mighty freaking cool. Iced tea in minutes flat, can't beat it. What is it about Wally World? You go in for one dog gone thing and the next thing you know you're leaving with a cart full of shit. Was all stuff we needed, but still...I think there is something in the air there.

Then we hit Macy's. They were having a customer appreciation sale, and I appreciated the Hell out of that. Got a nice new jeanskirt and a black bikini that I will never, ever wear in public. My goal this summer, if I don't melt from the heat, is to get somewhat of a base tan, so I'm going to haul myself, my knitting, and my iced tea out to the back deck while Seb is out playing, and catch a bit of sun.

Then the cat ditched us. Yah, I know. I have 4 cats. In this zoo of mine, you would think it would be hard to notice when someone has disappeared. However, Merlynn likes to hog my computer chair, and when I don't have to shoo her off so I can get to my desk, I notice that something is up. Thing about her is, she was a skittish stray when we got her. She's come a long way, but she really only likes me. Likes me to the point where she can get kind of annoying. Anyway, since she likely wouldn't go to anyone else, I was the sucker who got kitty recovery duty.

I spent half the day looking for her, never found her. I probably walked past her a hundred times while she hid in a bush, snickering at me. She turned up on our back deck this morning, and she's prolly knocked up. Sigh.

Well, I'm off to hug my air conditioner. :/

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