Thursday, June 16, 2005

This ain't Puff the Magic Dragon....

Thanks to the joys of online gaming, I can tell people that I have killed and been killed by dragons. Yah, so they look at me kind of weird, but it's true.

About once a week, the folks in my guild get together for a dragon raid. It's probably one of the most enjoyable events that we have ever done, except for the time we stripped our toons naked, put on jester hats, and went out to kill enemies, but that's a whole different story.

When this dragon first went into the game, we had raids of 100+ people show up to kill this thing, and sometimes even that didn't go so well. Somewhere I have a screenshot of a happy dragon surrounded by nothing but corpses of my realm mates, including myself.

As time has gone by though, and new abilities have been added to the game, the folks in my guild have experimented and worked on ways to kill the dragon on our own. We use a voice communication system called Ventrilo, pile everyone into it, and go dragon hunting together.

Most times we win, but sometimes we don't, but either way, it's always a good time with good people.

Meet Golestandt, Albions dragon. This screenshot was taken right outside the lair where it lives. Sometimes the dragon will fly off for breakfast, but most of the time it's parked right here.

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