Friday, June 03, 2005

TGIF. Really!


I've already posted a picture of Darwin, our African Grey. Today I'm going to share a picture of Bumbles, our blue and gold macaw. Not because he deserves it, really, but because he's fresh on my mind. Particularly because I walked past him with a cup of coffee and he didn't get a sip, so he's downstairs yelling "Come here! Come here!" hoping that I come down and share with him. Me share coffee? Yah, right. lol.

I remember when we were finally able to pick Bumbles up to bring him home. He was hardly weaned and barely feathered. Was a lot like bringing home a baby. I was raised around birds, so I am quite comfortable with them, but he was different. He was the most monstrous thing in feathers that I had ever seen, and he was probably the youngest bird I had ever had at home with me.

The lady who cared for him as a baby kept reminding us every time we would visit him that macaws aren't known to be big talkers, and that they aren't as "smart" as greys are. She did mention though, that he was already saying "hello" at that she was trying to give us something to live for. Really at that point we didn't care if he talked, we already had Darwin who talks quite well, and we were just looking for a more outgoing bird to compliment Darwins personality, and to fill the void that we felt after losing our other grey, Pua, who had been in my family since I was just a small kid.

Flash forward two years. Bumbles doesn't shut up. Ever. He has something to say about everything. He does the basic "Hello, Goodbye" etc. He tries to con you out of your food "Is that good? MMMM!!!!" Tells you that he's "Very Good!" (particularly when he knows he's been bad) and he yells at my son when he thinks discipline is appropriate.

He hates the UPS man, yells at the poor guy when he shows up, and it's to the point where you see the UPS guy dash like a raped ape from our house after tossing packages onto our steps. I haven't had to sign for a package in over a year, and the poor guy doesn't even bother knocking on the door anymore. He must think a bunch of lunatics live here. Lunatics that buy a lot of yarn. Heh.

Bumbles lets himself out of his cage. Tosses food to the bottom of his perch to sucker the cats over to him, and then pulls their tails and laughs and laughs. "Come here, baby" he says to me. I walk up to him and he sticks his face right up to mine and says "How are you?" and proceeds to pull my hair, yell "OW!" and laugh at me.

On most days, he's a real hoot. Today though, he's irritating the shit out of me.

Still working on my big bag. And an afghan project that I've been knitting for a few months now. All it needs is the border, I don't know why I keep putting it off. I think I keep finding new things that I want to knit, and I get distracted. I ordered a baby sweater, hat and afghan kit to make for a friend who is expecting soon, and I'm really anxious to get started on that too, because it looked damned cute when I ordered it.

I look forward to this weekend, I don't have to go anywhere, see anyone, or do anything specific, and to me, the best weekends are when you aren't obligated to fulfill some sort of schedule.

Enjoy your weekend :)


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