Monday, June 20, 2005

Some people don't fool around when it comes to a Barbeque.

Now *THIS* is a burger!!

Have you ever seen a burger this big in your life? I started out with the hamburger buns and I smeared all my stuff on them, slapped an onion on there and some tomatoes and then my hubby handed me the burger, and the first thing I really could think when I saw this thing all assembled was... holy shit!!

And yes, I ate the whole dang thing. If it makes me look any better, my son ate one too! And before ya'll start wondering what kind of a pig I am, I will have you know that I did use a fork as to not make an ass of myself. ;)

Yesterday was a perfect day to be outside. We've been plagued with disgustingly hot and humid days as of late-to where they have actually sent kids home from school early. Yesterday though, well it was perfect.

Sebastian waited up til really late Saturday night so he could give Phil his fathers day present at midnight, right when fathers day started. I've never seen Seb so excited about anything, but then again he's had this present stashed away in the pit of Hell that we call his room for a good two months now and he never said a peep or ruined the suprise, so I didn't mind him waiting up to do that.

It was a good fathers day. I get really depressed on fathers day because it's the day that I stop and think that I haven't spent fathers day with my own dad in like, 8 years now, and that really really gets me down. Sure I send a package and call him, but it's really never the same.

Sebastian is officially on summer vacation, and he's already rattled off about 3,525 places to go and things he wants to do. I have a whole summers worth of studies to do at home with him about an hour a day to keep his little brain active and to get him a jump start on first grade, but when I brought it up today, he put his hands on his hips, and got really pissy with me. "Don't you know that I'm on vacation?" He was pretty pitiful, so I decided this morning that I would give him a break for a week before we got started into a routine.

His report card was great, he went from a 2 to a 1 in both reading readiness and fine motor skills, and I knew that he was going to improve in at least one of those because he has worked so hard on his handwriting and I've noticed a considerable difference just at home. This earned him a trip to the Toys R Us, where he got to pick out a reward. He picked a Mr. Fantastic, this big action figure that stretches out to like 3 times his size. I'll have to get a picture of it up on the blog. The Fantastic Four movie is due out soon, and we've already promised that we would go. Maybe this is the end of the Spiderman obsession we've endured for about two years now, and maybe the beginning of something that has more than one character to get action figures for!! Heheh.

Well, I'm off!!

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