Thursday, June 23, 2005

Duck this!!!

Here is the beginning of the first strip for the baby blanket I'm making for a friend. My goal is to have this thing done before her son is born, or if that doesn't happen, then at least before he graduates from college, heh.

This has proven to be a really tricky project for me. This is the first thing I have ever done that has required me to read a chart. And let me just say that the chart is so dog gone small, that if you don't have super bionic eyes, you're going to have problems.

The chart part wasn't all too bad once I got over having to read it with my nose pressed against it, but what is really getting to me is all the balls of yarn I have dangling from my work. THAT is some irritating stuff. Yarn everywhere and twisting up, I don't think I have ever hated a duck as much as I hate this one. :) The yarn is really nice and soft, and generally nice to work with, but it's like velcro kind of, because it sticks to itself, which tends to piss me off.

Fortunately though, I'm on a fairly easy portion of the pattern for a while...I only have 4 balls of yarn dangling from my work, hehe.

We seem to be in the groove for summer vacation. Sebastian is allowed to stay up a bit later now and he seems to really be enjoying that part. The bad part is, he didn't want to get out of bed today. At 10:00 this morning, I could have gone in there banging pots and pans over his head and he probably wouldn't have flinched, so I kind of suspect that once we put him to bed, he's staying up, lol.

Weather here was awful yesterday. We had crazy thunder and lightning, some places had winds up to 60 mph and a downpoor of hail. Most everything in this house is terrified of thunder. When it thunders here, the kid screams, the dogs cry and the birds yell. I really hate thunder! hehe.

Hoping to take Sebastian to see the Batman movie this weekend. He doesn't really seem all too interested because in his mind, nothing can really beat out Spiderman. I've tried to explain to him that if the two were to battle, that Batman could probably kick Spidermans ass, but he won't hear of it.

If he doesn't bite at Batman, then the Fantastic Four movie is due out soon, and he already seems to have somewhat of an interest in that.

See, I'm desperate for a new super hero. For two years now, maybe more, it's been nothing but Spiderman around here. Spiderman toys, spiderman action figures, spiderman bedspreads and sheets, spiderman T-shirts, shorts, shoes, jackets, underwear, pajamas, bath toys, posters, cups and plates, lifesized inflatable spidermen, books, playsets, balloons, playsets, web slingers, and who knows what I'm forgetting.

I can literally take my kid while getting him ready for school, and outfit him in Spiderman socks, underwear, slap a Spiderman shirt and jeans with an embroidered Spiderman on him, put on his Spiderman shoes and Spiderman windbreaker, and top it all off with a spiderman hat and backpack. And while this might seem funny, the horrifying part is that I can do this at least three days in a row, all without re-wearing any article of clothing.

And let's not talk about how many times I have sat through the Spiderman 1 and 2 movies, okay?

So yah. Looking for a new stinking super hero, and pronto!!

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